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Fix for TORQUE-23.

Re-arranging the rails app-template location.  Attaching as maven artifact.
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1 parent 99e6eaf commit 5b3dbd625f17f5750f1c228053efe44cc45784ad Bob McWhirter committed
4 torquebox-docs/en-US/src/main/docbook/scheduled-jobs.xml
@@ -193,14 +193,14 @@ end</screen></para>
<para>Within <filename>jobs.yml</filename>, a block of information is
provided for each job. The block starts with arbitrary name for the job.
- Each block must also define the implementation class and the schedule
+ Each block must also define the job class and the schedule
specification. Optionally a description may be provided.</para>
<title>Example <filename>jobs.yml</filename></title>
- class: Mail::Notifier
+ job: Mail::Notifier
cron: 0 */5 * * * ?
description: Deliver queued mail notifications</screen></para>
5 torquebox-rails/pom.xml
@@ -68,6 +68,11 @@
+ <artifact>
+ <file>target/share/rails-template.rb</file>
+ <type>rails-template</type>
+ <classifier></classifier>
+ </artifact>
0 torquebox-rails/lib/torquebox/template.rb → torquebox-rails/share/rails-template.rb
File renamed without changes.

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