Open-source Software Platform Based on TOPPERS/ASP Kernel, mbed and Arduino Library for Renesas GR-PEACH.
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What's this?

TOPPERS/ASP Kernel and useful libraries for GR-PEACH have been distributed here.


Build Environment in Travis Status
Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS Build Status


TOPPERS/ASP kernel is a sophisticated real-time kernel for embedded real-time systems. ASP stands for Advanced Standard Profile which is improved version of the standard profile defined in μITRON4.0 specification.

TOPPERS/ASP kernel has been distributed with TOPPERS License. The detail specification of TOPPERS/ASP kernel can be found at Refereces in this page.


Application developers can use the following useful libraries.

  • MBED Library (mbed-lib) [MIT License]

  • Arduino libaray based on MBED library (arduino-lib) [GPLv2]

    • Digital I/O
    • Analog I/O
    • External Interrupts
    • Ethernet Client
    • LiquidCrystal
    • SD
    • Wire
    • RTC
    • Not supported: EEPROM, Ethernet Server, Firmata, GSM, Servo, SoftwareSerial, Stepper, USB host
  • Security library (wolfSSL-lib)

Software Development Enviroment

Web compiler

  • Web compiler provided by RENESAS is highly recommended for all beginners.
  • You can get started programming WITHOUT installing software in your computer.
  • No high functional debugging such like breakpoints, step-by-step execution, etc. are provided. If you want to use them, command line or IDE should be helpful for you.


  • TrueSTUDIO Lite is high quality, integrated development environment, and free to download and use.
  • This tool can be used for high functional debugging and is recommended for beginners who want to build the development environment in their local computer.
  • The All-in-One package including all source code and the kernel configurator (i.e. cfg) is newly provided for TrueSTUDIO.
  • Only the following 4 steps are needed to build examples.
    1. Download the installer of TrueSTUDIO v7.1.2 here and install it.
    2. Download a zip file (e.x. of the All-in-One package and Unzip it. If you use Linux or MacOS machine, rename ROOTDIR(e.x. asp-gr_peach_gcc-mbed-1.0.0-AllinOne)/asp-1.9.2-utf8/cfg/cfg/[cfg.linux|cfg.macos] to cfg (delete its extension).
    3. Launch TrueSTUDIO and specify ROOTDIR/examples/truestudio as your workspace.
    4. Choose an example project in Project Explorer and Push build (hammer) icon. That's all!
  • You can find the detailed installation manual provided by attolic and A.I.Corporaiton.

Command Line

  1. Install development tools including ARM cross-compilers and source code in your computer. Please read the Installation Guide for more details.
  2. Download source code from GitHub as follows
    $ git clone
    $ cd asp-gr_peach_gcc-mbed
    $ git submodule update -i 

Other Documents

Refereces and Links


TOPPERS/ASP Kernel / μITRON Specification





Please feel free to ask me or send pull requests if you have any questions or requests. Pull requests and contributions to this project are welcome everytime!