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What's this?

TOPPERS/ASP Kernel and useful libraries for GR-PEACH have been distributed here.


Build Environment in Travis

OS Cross compiler Status
Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (trusty) gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-2017-q1 Build Status


TOPPERS/ASP kernel is a sophisticated real-time kernel for embedded real-time systems. ASP stands for Advanced Standard Profile which is improved version of the standard profile defined in μITRON4.0 specification.

TOPPERS/ASP kernel has been distributed with TOPPERS License. The detail specification of TOPPERS/ASP kernel can be found at Refereces in this page.


Application developers can use the following useful libraries.

  • MBED Library (mbed-lib) [MIT License]

  • Arduino libaray based on MBED library (arduino-lib) [GPLv2]

    • Digital I/O
    • Analog I/O
    • External Interrupts
    • Ethernet Client
    • LiquidCrystal
    • SD
    • Wire
    • RTC
    • Not supported: EEPROM, Ethernet Server, Firmata, GSM, Servo, SoftwareSerial, Stepper, USB host
  • Security library (wolfSSL-lib)

Software Development Enviroment

Web compiler

  • Web compiler provided by RENESAS is highly recommended for all beginners.
  • You can get started programming WITHOUT installing software in your computer.
  • No high functional debugging such like breakpoints, step-by-step execution, etc. are provided. If you want to use them, command line or IDE should be helpful for you.


  • TrueSTUDIO Lite is high quality, integrated development environment, and free to download and use.
  • This tool can be used for high functional debugging and is recommended for beginners who want to build the development environment in their local computer.
  • The All-in-One package including all source code and the kernel configurator (i.e. cfg) is newly provided for TrueSTUDIO.
  • Only the following 4 steps are needed to build examples.
    1. Download the installer of TrueSTUDIO v8.1.0 for ARM here or older and install it. Please do NOT use v9.0.0 or newer because they are for STM32, not for ARM.
    2. Download a zip file (e.x. of the All-in-One package and Unzip it. If you use Linux or MacOS machine, rename ROOTDIR(e.x. asp-gr_peach_gcc-mbed-1.0.0-AllinOne)/asp-1.9.2-utf8/cfg/cfg/[cfg.linux|cfg.macos] to cfg (delete its extension).
    3. Launch TrueSTUDIO and specify ROOTDIR/examples/truestudio as your workspace.
    4. Choose an example project in Project Explorer and Push build (hammer) icon. That's all!
  • You can find the detailed installation manual provided by attolic and A.I.Corporaiton.

Command Line

  1. Install development tools including ARM cross-compilers and source code in your computer. Please read the Installation Guide for more details.
  2. Download source code from GitHub as follows
    $ git clone
    $ cd asp-gr_peach_gcc-mbed
    $ git submodule update -i 

Other Documents

Refereces and Links


TOPPERS/ASP Kernel / μITRON Specification





Please feel free to ask me or send pull requests if you have any questions or requests. Pull requests and contributions to this project are welcome everytime!


Open-source Software Platform Based on TOPPERS/ASP Kernel, mbed and Arduino Library for Renesas GR-PEACH.



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