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Constitution Day is an important day in the American imagination. We asked our students at the Jane Bancroft Cook Library the following question: "What would you change about the Constitution?" This exhibit features their answers.
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Constitution Day

New College of Florida - Digital Scholarship Studio

Constitution Day is an online exhibit featuring New College of Florida students' answers to "What would you change about the Constitution?". It uses the amazing MonumentLab/Proposals Jekyll theme. This fork does not have the original image resources.

Updating the website

Constitution Day uses Jekyll which is a powerful and simple static site generator. The static website lies under the "_site" folder. Jekyll makes it really simple to update the website. You have to make sure that you have Jekyll installed on your device. If not, please check the Installion Page.

  • Update the constitution.csv file under "_data" folder.
  • Upload the thumbnails to "assets/constitution/thumbs" folder and the full images to "assets/constitution/full" folder.
  • If some data is updated, you need to remove it from the "collections/constitution" folder or Jekyll will skip it.
  • To update the website, there are 3 commands to run:
    • Run "bundle exec rake wax:pagemaster constitution" to generate the collection item pages.
    • Run "bundle exec rake wax:lunr" to generate the Elasticlunr.js search index.
    • Run "bundle exec jekyll serve" to preview your site in progress. This will also generate the static website and update the "_site" folder.


Special thanks to MonumentLab/Proposals for making such a rocking theme. And to Atalay Kutlay for his patience and skill.

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