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Computational Genomics Group

Institute for Genomic Medicine at Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital

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  1. snvstory snvstory Public

    Rapid and accurate ancestry inference using SNVs.

    Python 9 4

  2. rna-stability rna-stability Public

    HTML 6 1

  3. EnFusion EnFusion Public

    The ENsemble Fusion (EnFusion) repo contains a Dockerfile to build a Docker Image that can overlap outputs from 7 fusion detection algorithms, to identify high confidence fusion events.

    R 6

  4. nch-igm-ensemble-fusion-detection nch-igm-ensemble-fusion-detection Public

    R 5 1

  5. clin-msi clin-msi Public

    Python 4 1

  6. ViennaRNA ViennaRNA Public

    Copy of ViennaRNA with updates to not write out temporary .ps files

    C 2 1


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