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A replacement for Grab Up written in Ruby.
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A replacement for Grab Up written in Ruby.

== Dependencies
1. sudo gem install daemons
2. sudo gem install ruby-growl

== Configuration
1. Copy grabby.yml.example to grabby.yml. Change the options in there as you see fit.
2. If you are using Growl, go to System Preferences > Growl > Network. Enable "Listen for incoming notifications" and "Allow remote application registration."

== Run it
1. Go to the directory containing grabby.rb in your terminal.
2. ./grabby.rb run
3. Take a screen shot and see it upload!
4. Ctrl-c kills it.
5. You can run Grabby in the background using grabby.rb start|restart|stop or by using the Mac OS X Launch Agent.

== Mac OS X Launch Agent
To automatically run Grabby at login:
1. Edit com.nchapman.grabby.plist and correct the path to grabby.rb.
2. Copy com.nchapman.grabby.plist to ~/Library/LaunchAgents.
3. In the terminal run: launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.nchapman.grabby.plist.
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