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Built using Hugo.

If you are reading this on GitLab, please note that edits should be made to the upstream GitHub repo.

Icons for this site are modified from those provided by Font Awesome, see their license here.

Getting Started

After cloning, run the following command to set up git hooks. You may also need to install Hugo.

sh scripts/

The dev branch is used for templates and content, then the built static site is deployed via master or from a pipeline. When you commmit to the dev branch, the site will be automatically rebuilt and committed via a git hook. It is then deployed when you push.

Why not git submodules?

I wasn't quite able to make this approach work. I ended up getting errors inside a git hook script when trying to git commands on the submodule, but I did not encounter these problems when running from CLI. It might be possible to fix using the -C, --git-dir, and --work-tree flags, but I wasn't able to find the config that worked.

This approach is easier to maintain and understand.

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