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title: "Sinatra: README"
layout: default
<p><small>This page is also available in
<a href="/intro-zh.html">Chinese</a>,
<a href="/intro-fr.html">French</a>,
<a href="/intro-de.html">German</a>,
<a href="/intro-hu.html">Hungarian</a>,
<a href="/intro-ko.html">Korean</a>,
<a href="/intro-pt-br.html">Portuguese (Brazilian)</a>,
<a href="/intro-pt-pt.html">Portuguese (European)</a>,
<a href="/intro-ru.html">Russian</a>,
<a href="/intro-es.html">Spanish</a> and
<a href="/intro-jp.html">Japanese</a>.</small></p>
<h1>Getting Started</h1>
{% include README.html %}
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