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Sinatra in The Wild

NOTE: Feel free to fork Sinatra's website on GitHub and add your own entry to the wild.markdown file. Just push and send a pull request. We'll take care of the rest.

Applications {#apps}

  • Flip Text A simple app used to flip text upside down.
  • SequenceServer An easy-to-setup BLAST sequence search server
  • Flickr Group Viewer is a (nicer?) way to view photos in a flickr group -- on GitHub.
  • OnBoard a web interface to manage Linux-based network appliances.
  • text to speech conversion for twitter
  • Tweeps conference app to aggregate tweets by attendees
  • Integrity the easy and fun Continuous Integration server
  • Pearson Reader UAE online textbooks for the Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi
  • Healthy Communities preventative health grant applications for Government
  • Sum is an email-based budgeting application
  • Shoes and a Shotgun an one click development environment built on Shoes
  • Marley the blog engine without <textareas>
  • Postview a simple blog-engine that render text files written in Markdown.
  • Scanty an even more minimalist blogging engine
  • Scanty using CouchDB
  • Scanty using CouchDB 0.9.0a and CouchRest 0.16
  • Haze a lightweight and minimalist blogging engine using flat text files.
  • Wind HTML5 blog engine focused in a easy, extensible and fast admin.
  • git-wiki a git-powered wiki
  • Wordnatra an interface to Princeton's WordNet lexical dictionary
  • GitHub-FogBuz logs your GitHub commits with FogBuz
  • Notable listens on Jabber to take your notes and then displays them back to you
  • Dash Sinatra provides a Ruby API to push metrics from an app to the FiveRuns Dash service
  • Gaze tiny app that serves up your Markdown files
  • Giftsmas Gift Tracking Website using Sinatra, Sequel, and Scaffolding Extensions
  • Toopaste Pastebin site created with Sinatra and DataMapper
  • Columnlog Tiny feed fetching app
  • Kapow Comics on your iPhone
  • Knapsack Pack pages into data URIs
  • Thumblmonks Delayed HTTP Requests
  • weaky a basic CouchDB wiki
  • Amnesia an app that presents memcached server stats
  • Rash, Ruby, Twitter & Hashtags
  • So Nice is a Small web interface to control iTunes, Rhythmbox or MPD
  • sinatra-rubygems A complete reimplementation of the gem server command as a Sinatra application
  • Nesta is an SEO oriented CMS/blog for developers
  • Mogo A planet-style feed aggregator
  • Hancock A Single Sign On provider based on OpenID
  • Hancock Client Rack middleware client for the Hancock server, written in Sinatra
  • Rails Searchable API Doc runs on Sinatra
  • Sinatra Saucer JRuby web application frontend for Flying Saucer, which converts xhtml into a pdf
  • Wink minimalist blogging engine
  • WineAdds micro-app that calculates common additions to wine
  • Deltacloud Deltacloud protects your apps from cloud API changes and incompatibilies. REST API is written using Sinatra
  • a music collaboration application
  • Jaconda A simple team collaboration service that allows you to create chat rooms for groups through Gtalk/Jabber protocol. REST API is written in Sinatra
  • Soxer Soxer is a lean but infinitely extensible web publishing tool.
  • SinMagick a front-end for image processing and thumbnailing with flexible storage options.
  • Brakes a simple sinatra app for hosting static html on heroku.
  • Fundry - Crowdfunding for Software Development - Fundry is designed around software projects, helping developers get paid for developing new features, and enabling your community to pledge to get the features they want. The site and API (coming soon) is all written in Sinatra.
  • Picky - a fast & clever semantic search engine.
  • Headhunter - giving Twitter profile pics a permanent URL
  • - Making load and performance testing a fun sport
  • funFUUU - A friendly fun sharing community
  • GitHub High Scores - A fun way to rank Github repository contributors in a 8-bit, 80's-tastic aracdey viewing environment.
  • Git-Webby - Git Smart HTTP Ruby/Sinatra implementation with useful features.
  • Trudy - A Nabaztag server.

Libraries and extensions {#libs}

Websites {#sites}

Companies using Sinatra {#biz}