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Drishti is an open-source scientific visualisation software designed by Ajay Limaye at the National Computational Infrastructure's VizLab.

The central idea of Drishti is that scientists can use it to explore and present volumetric datasets without extensive training.

Drishti has been developed with its end use in mind: ie. visualising volumetric data, such as tomography data, electron-microscopy data, etc.

Drishti works on GPUs with atleast OpenGL 3.3 capability.

Drishti stands for vision or insight in Sanskrit, an Indian language.

Minimum graphics hardware configuration

The single most important determinant of Drishti performance for visualization is the graphics card. A dedicated graphics card with atleast 2GB memory is recommended as a minimum (more the merrier). Drishti would work on graphics cards with smaller memory, the volume sizes will be much more limited in these cases.

Citation for Drishti

Ajay Limaye; Drishti: a volume exploration and presentation tool. Proc. SPIE 8506, Developments in X-Ray Tomography VIII, 85060X (October 17, 2012)

Hu Yuzhi, Limaye Ajay and Lu Jing. 2020 Three-dimensional segmentation of computed tomography data using Drishti Paint:new tools and developments. sci. 7:201033. doi:

Hu Yuzhi, Limaye Ajay and Lu Jing. 2020 A spark of 3D revisualization: new method for re-exploring segmented data. bioRxiv 2020.08.01.222869; doi:


Download the current version of Drishti (v3.2) for

Download the version of Drishti (v2.7) for

All other releases

Libraries needed to compiling Drishti on Linux

Drishti Prayog
Updated version and help available on ANU OneDrive
Drishti Prayog guide on CCPi website

Drishti VR

ANU OneDrive

Drishti Tutorials

ANU OneDrive

Help slides

by Julia Behnsen, University of Liverpool

Basics of Drishti

by Bailey Lovett

You tube channel

User generated help videos


Jing LU contributed to the unit and performance testing of surface visualization module.

Drishti around the world

Usage of Drishti by researchers around the world

Drishti wiki on Google code site

All the contents of the wiki from google code will be transferred to this github site. But till that happens this is the table of contents from that (older) site -

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