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Eclipse Editorconfig Plugin TODO

Required for v1.0

  • make all settings work in simple text editor (at least trim whitespace is not working)
  • verify all config settings for editors other than simple text editor (eg java and xml editors)
    • may need to create or modify a Java code style formatter profile
  • create entry in eclipse market place
  • add logging
  • fix property page
  • set whitespace settings when editor opened to avoid tab size changing on focus (note: can't be fixed for multiple split editors)
  • set config for current editor on startup

Nice to have for v1.0

  • include full license text in feature details
  • have feature appear on eclipse about page with logo
  • restore editor prefs to defaults when not defined for current file
  • respect tab width when tab style is "tab"
  • create automated integration test suite

Property Page Bugs

Property page is not required for v1.0. If these bugs aren't fixed then the feature will be dropped.

  • properties view not available for java files, license file
  • properties view available for binary files
  • incorrect file path is detected when editing plugin.xml from manifest editor and vice versa

Future Ideas