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/r/muse theme


This is /r/muse sub-reddit theme, original theme was /r/apicem, but it was taken and modified heavily by @ncla. Since there was no GitHub repository by original author, I had to use already built stylesheet and work with that. At first, I was extending (over-riding) CSS rules I wanted to change (this was suggested by original author), but later found out that this was inefficient way to build a theme, and I switched to moving styles to separate file and changing them there. Not all styles are moved in their respective files, majority is still left in everything.css file which is the original .css file. Pardon the spaghetti, unfortunately designers tend not to be very tech-savvy when it comes to SCSS and Git.

Due to the original theme being a dark one and the current /r/muse theme being a bright one, to avoid complaining about huge color change I converted this theme to a bright one, which was done manually, and the colors were brought into variables for easier conversion. Please excuse my color spaghetti as well.


They are welcome, but please first contact @ncla on GitHub, /u/iamncla on Reddit or through mod-mail /r/muse.


Modern browsers, newest RES. Anything older can piss off.


I would like to ask not use this theme on any other sub-reddits apart from Muse sub-reddits (and any other related Muse sub-reddits). There is /r/apicemlight and /r/apicem which you can freely use. Of course due to the nature of open-source I can't exactly police the usage of this theme.

Development setup

  1. git pull the repository
  2. Get web server going:
  3. We need HTTPS so that the style-sheet loads. openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout server/key.pem -out server/cert.pem -days 365 -nodes
  4. Fill out all the information (or leave everything blank) for the certificates
  5. Install all the node dependencies with npm install
  6. Run node server/server.js or forever start server/server.js to just launch it
  7. Allow Chrome to load self-signed localhost SSL certificates in chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost and restart Chrome, otherwise style-sheet won't load
  8. gulp build or gulp watch to constantly build the stylesheet
  9. Install the user-script to get local changes applied to the sub-reddit
  10. Download TamperMonkey (for Chrome) or GreaseMonkey (for Firefox)
  11. Navigate to this URL
  12. Install the user-script by following instructions
  13. If needed, edit the user-script for your needs (e.g. change sub-reddit to which this script applies)