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PDF/DOCX tool that extracts structured data along with images from such files.
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PDF/DOCX Extraction Tool

What is the project

The PDF/DOCX Extraction Tool runs as a Spring web service that allows a user to upload a PDF or DOCX file from their local machine/Dropbox, which will then have all of the data tables in it extracted into CSVs, and all of the images extracted as well. These CSVs are numbered according to the order they were extracted in, e.g. "table1.csv", "table2.csv"..."tableN.csv", similarly for images, and placed into two folders "csv" and "images", which are put in another folder that is given the same name as the file that was uploaded, and compressed into a Zip and given back to the user.

Uploading a file "example.pdf" would return a file "" with this structure:

    • csv
      • table1.csv
      • table2.csv ...
      • tableN.csv
    • images
      • image1.jpg/png
      • image2.jpg/png ...
      • imageM.jpg/png


There is extensive use of JavDocs throughout the project, namely for every class, and every method. There is also some general commenting throughout to explain some difficult parts.


After downloading the latest stable release navigate to the project directory, "WebApp", in the terminal and tun the command: mvn clean package install Which will install all of the dependencies, and run the tests located in the src/test/ directory. If all of them pass, and all dependencies have been installed correctly you should be able to see: [INFO] BUILD SUCCESS near the bottom of the output, if so; the installation has been successful.

Running the project

To run the project from the terminal all that needs to be done is to navigate to the root of the project in a terminal and run: mvn spring-boot:run This will start a web service running on port 8080, to access it got to: localhost:8080 The service WILL NOT RUN if port 8080 is currently in use.


Crichton Institute - Regional Observatory


Ian Denev
Ivan Kyosev
Andrei-Mihai Nicolae
Richard Pearson
Edvinas Simkus

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