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Analyze Survey Data for Free with the R Language
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Consumer Expenditure Survey
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analyze survey data for free - the flowchart.pdf

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Software License: GPL-3

Analyze Survey Data for Free

free, open-source, reproducible software to analyze survey data.

Current Analysis Examples

  • fully-commented, easy-to-modify examples of how to load, clean, configure, and analyze the most current data sets available.

Massive FTP Download Automation

  • no-changes-necessary programs to download every microdata file from every survey year as an R data file onto your local disk.

Replication Scripts

  • match published numbers exactly to show that R produces the same results as other statistical languages. these are your rosetta stones, so you know the syntax has been translated into r properly.

My journal article, outlining how R precisely matches SAS, SUDAAN, and Stata with complex survey data.

My collection of two-minute videos to help beginners learn the R language.

Talk to me! I'd love to hear how you're using this or even which data set to add next -

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