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A Craft CMS plugin that enables deep linking to your content.
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Verbatim for Craft CMS

Verbatim is a Craft plugin that allows deep-linking directly to content. When installed, website visitors will be able to highlight text content (or select images), generate a direct link to the content, and share the link via Twitter. When a user clicks on the generated link, the page will scroll and highlight the selected content. It's magic.

Verbatim was built by Ramsay Lanier and Maxim Leyzerovich from nclud, and adapted for Craft by Aaron Berkowitz.

Verbatim is released under the GNU GPLv3 license.


1 - Ensure jQuery is included in your template.

{% includeJsFile path/to/jquery.js first %}

2 - Download the Verbatim plugin folder and upload it to the Craft plugins folder on your server (craft/plugins/).

3 - Install the Verbatim plugin from your control panel (admin/settings/plugins).

4 - Adjust any default settings (admin/settings/plugins/verbatim).

5 - Include {{ craft.verbatim.verbatim }} in any template you want to use Verbatim.

##Settings Verbatim comes with the settings listed below. All of these settings, and a few more, can be easily adjusted in the plugin settings from the Craft control panel. (

###Search Container default: 'body'

type: jQuery selector

Set the container that Verbatim will search for selected text. This will also limit the are in which content can be selected. If you only want a certain container to be selectable, make sure you change this setting using a jQuery selector (example: .content of #mainContainer).

###Speed of Scrolling Animation default: 2000

type: integer

Set the animated scrolling speed in miliseconds.

###Scrolling Offset default: 200

type: integer

Sets the amount of offset (in pixels) from the top of found content. Verbatim will scroll to the found content's offset less the amount of offset. This allows for some spacing between the top of the window and the found content.

###CSS Class To Add to Highlighted Elements default: highlight

type: string

Verbatim wraps the found content in a span element which is assigned a class, used to highlight the found text. You can change this class if you'd like, but make sure you update your CSS.

###Highlight color (rgb) default: rgb(255,255,0)

type: rgb color string

This setting allows you to change the background color of the text when it is both selected and when it is found.

###CSS Class to Add to Selected Text default: verbatim-selected-text

type: string

When selected text from a Verbatim enabled container, Verbatim wraps the selected text in a span element. You can change this class if you'd like, but make sure you update your CSS.

###CSS Class to Add to Copy Link Button default: verbatim-button-container

type: string

###Bitly Token for Short Links We highly recommend using Bitly to generate short links. Grab a Bitly Authentication Token and add it to your settings.



  • Update to Verbatim 0.1.5 for iOS and Android support


  • Small performance update to make better use of Craft's templating service.


  • Updating to Verbatim 1.4.0 with new user interface and stability
  • Removed some unnecessary settings
  • Updated documentation


  • Removing sepllcheck issues


  • Updated documentation and code to use RGB instead of hex


  • minified JS and update Verbatim to 1.3.0


  • added IE check to prevent the plugin from firing in IE.
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