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Less annoying completion preview window based on neovim's floating window
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With let g:float_preview#docked = 1:


With let g:float_preview#docked = 0:


Note that this is a general purpose plugin instead of ncm2 only, it applies to :help complete-items with info field available.

Why ?

Vim's builtin set completeopt+=preview is annoying. When the preview window is opened, it simply pumps text out of my eye spot. Which makes it very disturbing and actually unusable.

This plugin uses neovim's floating Window, it should never pumps text out of your eye spot.

Config && API


If set to 0, the preview window will be displayed beside the popup menu. Defaults to 1.


Custom highlights for preview window. See :help 'winhl' for more information.


Height of the preview window. Defaults to :help 'previewheight'.


Only used when g:float_preview#docked == 0. Max width of the preview window. Defaults to 50.


Defaults to 1. Only used when g:float_preview#docked == 1.

If you don't want this plugin auto closing the preview window, use :let g:float_preview#auto_close = 0 and call float_preview#close() by yourself.

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