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Python Concepts

Years ago (around the Python 2.5 time frame) I wrote a draft manuscript for a Python User's Reference that aimed at providing a middle ground between the tutorial and the full language reference. The idea was to cover everything that was included in the language reference, but in a way that was designed to help Python developers understand what the interpreter was doing on their behalf, rather than being aimed at developers trying to produce a compliant interpreter implementation.

That book deal never went anywhere, so I asked for the copyright on the manuscript to be returned, and donated the draft to the PSF. Converting the ODF files to reStructuredText has been an idle thought ever since, but my motivation to do so has dropped ever lower as the contents of the manuscript become increasingly out of date.

So, instead, this page will host an ad hoc series of articles that dive deep into some esoteric element of the Python language definition, and attempt to explain it in ways that may be more intuitive than the official version.

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