Gimp plugin to write images and icons for all android densities
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Gimp plugin to export images or icons for any android density :

Plugin Screenshot


  • Download the script, save into your gimp plugin directory, ie: ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins/
  • On Linux or MacOSX you need to set the script file to be executable. (chmod +x
  • Restart Gimp
  • Run script via Filters -> Android -> Write Android XDPIs...


  • Select area to export.
  • Run the plugin from Filters -> Android -> Write Android XDPIs...
  • Enter the target DP width.
  • Choose density folders to export to : ldpi / mdpi / hdpi / xhdpi / xxhdpi / xxxhdpi.


To write you app icon directly from you full size picture, select area for your icon :

icon selection

Use the reference values for an app icon, 48px on mdpi :

Plugin Screenshot

  1. select your app res folder
  2. Pick drawable or mipmap as your export folder prefix
  3. type icon as the image base name
  4. select image DP width of 48
  5. select densities to export
  6. select image format png

Icon or Image resources for all densities will be scaled and written accordingly, except that by default upscaled images won't be upscaled. You can force creating upscaled images by using the appropiate option.

export result