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πŸ”₯ FHIR 101 - A Practical Guide



Check out the live FHIR 101 Jupyter Notebook πŸ““

Hello there!

If any of the following statements applies or questions below apply to you, then this guide is for you :)

  • πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I've heard the term FHIR. But is it a server? A database? A data model? Rapid oxidation?
  • πŸ™€ I understand what FHIR is but have no idea how to begin implementing it!
  • πŸ˜• I tried reading through HL7 FHIR, but I am still confused
  • πŸ€” How does FHIR modeling compare to relational database design?

What is this Guide?

The FHIR 101 guide is an online Jupyter Notebook deployed with Binder. That means its publically hosted and you can play with it in your browser.

The primary purpose of the notebook is to quickly educate you on what FHIR is and to walk you through practical exercises that will teach you the FHIR basics:

  • Create and validate a FHIR data model for an entity
  • Add/remove attributes to/from an entity in the model
  • Create attributes which are constrained by ontologies
  • Make entity attributes searchable in the FHIR server
  • Deploy the FHIR data model into a FHIR server
  • Load data into the FHIR server which conforms to the model
  • Search for data in the FHIR server

You can read through the notebook to learn about FHIR concepts and execute notebook code cells in the tutorial section to see practical examples.

Read more about Jupyter Notebook here


πŸ”₯ FHIR 101 - A Practical Guide





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