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# client
# rel-1-9-maint
NEW: tool: generate_man_page
NEW: placeholder: $yes_no$
NEW: lists: persistent item selection across sorts/reloads
NEW: lists: Drag&Drop support
NEW: paperwork: write non-templated letter w/ LibreOffice
NEW: export area: join items into one PDF
NEW: debug: database owner connection test menu item
NEW: login: focus previously used praxis branch
NEW: file describer: include pdffonts
IMPROVED: GUI: show current patient in window titles
IMPROVED: placeholder: $current_provider_name$
IMPROVED: forms: LaTeX: 5 instead of 3 placeholder parsing passes
IMPROVED: forms: LaTeX template templates
IMPROVED: hooks: example script template
IMPROVED: startup: git branch detection
IMPROVED: bills: invoice ID locking
IMPROVED: M/VCF: add nominatim URL to patient/praxis MECARD/vCard
IMPROVED: files: format conversion improvements
IMPROVED: DB: replace "IN"/"NOT IN" for psycopg3
IMPROVED: DB: converge localhost/domain socket profiles
IMPROVED: export area: support D&D of items as files
IMPROVED: search: use clin.v_narrative4search again
IMPROVED: test results: multi-test plotting [thanks brulefa]
IMPROVED: code: configuration handling
IMPROVED: DB: more tolerant rollback() [thanks lothar]
IMPROVED: DB: fingerprinter
IMPROVED: DICOM: dicomization
FIX: CLI: --wxp= not needed anymore
FIX: CLI: --ui= not needed anymore
FIX: documentation: links (wiki -> static pages)
# rel-1-8-maint
FIX: export area: dumping encrypted/PDFed image to disk
FIX: top panel: heart rate display
FIX: paperwork: recalls list LaTeX template
FIX: unlocking encounters (missing import)
FIX: row locking code
FIX: metadata: screenshots URL in appdata.xml
FIX: GUI: screenshot function [thanks The-o]
FIX: medical interval formatting [thanks brulefa]
FIX: date/time input: time parsing
FIX: date/time input: function key to weekday mapping
FIX: encounters: do not crash if current encounter is deleted
FIX: paperwork: fix emr_journal placeholder LaTeX escaping [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: desktop entry file [thanks freddii]
IMPROVED: patient switch: encounter checking
IMPROVED: pat overview: problems display
IMPROVED: DB: connection loss detection
IMPROVED: measurement EA: previous result formatting
IMPROVED: DB: login problem logging
IMPROVED: top pane: show age of results in tooltip
IMPROVED: paperwork: LaTeX formatting of text
IMPROVED: EMR: extend search to select demographics [thanks brulefa]
IMPROVED: startup: bash code [thanks shellcheck]
FIX: image conversion w/o target extension [thanks ...]
FIX: SVG icon [thanks freddii]
FIX: lab: tab "most-recent": [x]ing "show missing" throws exception
FIX: log: exception on inaccessible attributes
NEW: add CoVid-2019 vaccines
IMPROVED: exceptions: always include exception/traceback in mail
IMPROVED: PACS: robustify DICOM upload
FIX: placeholders: exception on parsing some option styles
FIX: address: API has changed
FIX: documents: properly wipe details display between patients
NEW: tool: fingerprint_db
IMPROVED: forms: log pdflatex version
FIX: meds: drug data source selection [thanks bganglia892]
FIX: meds: ADR URL configuration [thanks bganglia892]
FIX: vaccs: ADR URL configuration [thanks bganglia892]
FIX: tests: LOINC import fixup [thanks bganglia892]
FIX: db: whitespace in connection parameters [thanks kikiruz]
FIX: startup: startup without console fails [thanks Marc]
FIX: top panel: incorrect age-at-birthday display
FIX: i18n: locale activation
FIX: dicom: exception on uploading malformed DCM to Orthanc
FIX: dicom: exception on failing to download a DCM from Orthanc
FIX: MacOSX: exception on wx.EndBusyCursor w/o wx.BeginBusyCursor [thanks Alex]
FIX: database: fix connection pooling [thanks various]
IMPROVED: lab: by-day display functionality
IMPROVED: emr: tree: more informative display
IMPROVED: main menu: put <export area> under <paperwork>
IMPROVED: PACS: display RequestingOrg
IMPROVED: bootstrap: password input [thanks bganglia892]
IMPROVED: wxPython: robustify on force-ASSERT devel builds [thanks bganglia892]
IMPROVED: startup: logging of execution environment
IMPROVED: shutdown: one more code path for exception handling abort
NEW: tool: read_all_rows_of_table
FIX: bills: failure to generate bill PDFs [thanks Marc]
FIX: bills: failure to edit bill item date [thanks Marc]
FIX: bills: failure to edit billable [thanks Marc]
FIX: export area: fails to load when not found [thanks Marc]
FIX: demographics: failure to edit type of address [thanks Marc]
FIX: forms: failure to archive generated forms [thanks Marc]
FIX: demographics: faulty display of patient addresses [thanks Marc]
NEW: port to wxPython 4 (wxPhoenix)
NEW: port to Python 3
NEW: port bootstrapper to Python 3
NEW: EMR tree: toggle episode status from context menu
NEW: EMR tree: show/edit clinical items from below encounters
NEW: ReST formatting in $free_text::::$ placeholder
NEW: hook "after_waiting_list_modified"
NEW: test results tab showing most-recent in test panel
NEW: local documents cache
NEW: systemd-tmpfiles config file
NEW: emailing of export area content as encrypted zip file
NEW: local directory entries in export area
NEW: $praxis_scan2pay$ support
NEW: $bill_scan2pay$ support
NEW: status bar history/visual bell
NEW: dicomize images/PDF into DICOM study
NEW: [Abort] client from exception dialog
NEW: edit clinical item from EMR list journal
NEW: dist: add PortableApp XML skeleton
NEW: placeholder: $most_recent_test_results$
NEW: tool: check_mimetypes_in_archive
IMPROVED: symbolic link creation on Windows
IMPROVED: Orthanc connection handling
IMPROVED: EMR export as TimeLine
IMPROVED: captions of all list and edit area dialogs
IMPROVED: test type edit area workflow
IMPROVED: CLI EMR export tool
IMPROVED: form disposal dialog
IMPROVED: date/timestamp picker functionality
IMPROVED: better duplicate person detection
IMPROVED: document tree details view usage
IMPROVED: test results panels links w/ documents
IMPROVED: console encoding errors behaviour [thanks INADA Naoki]
IMPROVED: age sort mode in document tree
IMPROVED: age/DOB tooltip
IMPROVED: data revisions display
IMPROVED: EMR list journal formatting
IMPROVED: lab/plotting: support better gnuplot scripts
FIX: [Save] functionality of Export Area
FIX: document tree sorting / document insertion
FIX: inability to delete inbox message w/o receiver
FIX: "lastname, firstname" based patient search under Python 3
FIX: billing: invoice ID generation [thanks Marc]
FIX: export area: saving document part entries
FIX: lab: grid display row tooltips
FIX: lists: context menu CSV export
FIX: EMR/tree: selection of pseudo issue node
FIX: documents/new: error handling of unreadable parts
FIX: PG access: rewrite connection pool
FIX: y2038 exception in DST detection
# rel-1-7-patches
FIX: bootstrapper: require python 2 [thanks Rogerio]
FIX: logger: overzealous obscurement [thanks pi]
FIX: lab results EA: improve prev result display
NEW: paperwork: template: most recent lab
FIX: billing: invoice ID generation [thanks Marc]
FIX: dist: GNUmed Manual d/l URL
FIX: template: letter w/ & w/o Dx's
FIX: paperwork: letter receiver dlg address selection
FIX: EMR/tree: exception on loading visual progress notes
FIX: billing: invoice ID template configuration [thanks Marc]
FIX: config: top pane lab panel setting [thanks Jelle Mous]
FIX: searching across active EMR [thanks Eberhard]
FIX: EMR/tree: exception on showing visual progress note
FIX: lab/result EA: exception when no previous result available
FIX: meds/substance EA: exception when no LOINC selected
FIX: data/ATC: fix reference data import
FIX: meds/dose EA: exception on saving
FIX: meds/product EA: exception on creating new product
FIX: dist: fix appdata.xml [thanks Andreas]
NEW: configurable invoice ID template [thanks Marc]
FIX: application metadata files
FIX: searching across all EMRs
FIX: constrain document PRW to current patient
FIX: lab/table: exception on double-clicking empty cell in row w/o meta test type
FIX: lab/result EA: failure to show test type on edit
NEW: stub out $praxis_scan2pay$
FIX: exception on following vaccs reminder from provider inbox
NEW: placeholders now nest with $2<>2$ $3<>3$ rather than $<<>>$ $<<<>>>$
NEW: placeholder $<patient_mcf>$
NEW: placeholder $<praxis_mcf>$
NEW: placehodler $<qrcode>$
NEW: placeholder $<if_debugging>$
NEW: LaTeX letter template example
FIX: map None to '' in address parts placeholder
FIX: export area export-to-media
FIX: $<vaccination_history::%(l10n_indications)s::>$ field
FIX: vaccine creation
FIX: error in closing expired episodes
FIX: date formatting in document tree
IMPROVED: AppStream and desktop metadata
IMPROVED: add "preset" option to $<free_text>$ placeholder
IMPROVED: include MCF in export area metadata
IMPROVED: Begleitbrief template
FIX: failure to merge patients under some conditions [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception on creating person duplicates
IMPROVED: robustify tarballing script against network flukes
FIX: GTK3 related size adjustments for PatientOverview/SimpleSoap plugins
FIX: GTK3 related bitmap adjustments
FIX: [Save] functionality of Export Area
FIX: placeholders $current_provider_[title/firstnames/lastnames]$
FIX: receiver selection address list setup
FIX: exception on creation of duplicate patient [thanks Marc]
NEW: add bash completion script
IMPROVED: make DWV optional
IMPROVED: prerequisites check tool
IMPROVED: update timeline code to 1.17.0 release
NEW: link document to procedure
NEW: link document to hospital stay
NEW: support receiver on documents
NEW: support inactivity of external care entries
NEW: DICOM image preview in PACS plugin
NEW: placeholder <$current_provider_name$>
NEW: placeholder <$current_provider_title$>
NEW: placeholder <$current_provider_firstnames$>
NEW: placeholder <$current_provider_lastnames$>
NEW: placeholder $<diagnoses>$
NEW: switch substance intakes to drug components only
NEW: monitor test results relevant to intakes
NEW: add a database sanity check tool
NEW: add a EMR structure export tool
NEW: more options for putting formatted EMR into export area
NEW: measurements sorted by problem
NEW: verify DICOM data integrity in Orthanc server
NEW: clinical hint about missing LOINCs
IMPROVED: EMR journal layout/retrieval speed
IMPROVED: patient overview usability
IMPROVED: document tree details view
IMPROVED: LaTeX formatting of current medications (port from 1.6 branch)
IMPROVED: early-connect error decoding
IMPROVED: fairly-recent encounter continuation logic
IMPROGED: handling of empty-encounter cleanup
IMPROVED: non-blocking update check
IMPROVED: non-blocking file description retrieval
IMPROVED: patient merging
IMPROVED: email sending framework
IMPROVED: export area workflow
IMPROVED: test results usability
IMPROVED: vaccine/vaccination handling
IMPROVED: test panels now LOINC based
IMPROVED: patient media creation
IMPROVED: use new timeline upstream
IMPROVED: Spanish translation [thanks Uwe]
IMPROVED: long QT syndrome hyperlink updated
IMPROVED: age/DOB tooltip in top panel
IMPROVED: measurements: access related docs from list-by-day
IMPROVED: patient studies download from PACS
IMPROVED: provider inbox layout
# rel-1-6-patches
IMPROVED: visual progress note editing workflow
FIX: exception on tooltipping patient overview inbox item
FIX: exception in cursor/connection state logging w/ older psycopg2's
FIX: exception on import error inside portable app
IMPROVED: use Dicom[RequestingPhysician] if available
IMPROVED: user visible rendering of raw DICOM strings
IMPROVED: baptize SCRAM for PG passwords in settings check
FIX: exception when having issues with calculating eGFR in medication plugin
FIX: exception on disabling identity [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception on adding archived documents to export area
FIX: Orthanc DICOM patient ID modification
FIX: faulty file drop target declarations
IMPROVED: saving of export area items
IMPROVED: patient display in provider inbox
IMPROVED: copy document to export area from document plugin
IMPROVED: Orthanc modification dialog title
IMPROVED: imported documents deletion confirmation
IMPROVED: patient media metadata
FIX: editing of drug products
FIX: formatting of intervals with seconds [thanks Rickard]
FIX: robustify backend listener against change notification trigger errors
FIX: backport once-only detection of unicode char selector
FIX: improper handling of notebook page change events
FIX: error handling on uploading DICOM to Orthanc
IMPROVED: more fully prevent logfile based password leaks
IMPROVED: add listing of latest vaccination per indication
IMPROVED: export area change listening and sortability
IMPROVED: episode edit area behaviour
IMPROVED: add measurement by clicking empty cell in grid
NEW: add Constans algorithm for upper extremity DVT
FIX: patient merging [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: edit area refresh on first setting data
IMPROVED: DB link error logging
IMPROVED: suppressed hints display in patient overview
IMPROVED: sorting of Hx items in patient overview
IMPROVED: use of pdfinfo in gm-describe_file
FIX: stall of gm-create_datamatrix in swap storm
FIX: BMP creation without substance intakes
FIX: missing quotes in BMP datafile [thanks Moritz]
FIX: exception on double-clicking document tree label node
FIX: exception on switching to drug database frontend [thanks a sk_SK]
FIX: exception on saving hospital stay [thanks a sk_SK]
FIX: exception on checking for upgrade [thanks Philipp]
FIX: force soap cat to lower case on creating progress notes
FIX: more faults with dynamic hint detection
FIX: exception on verifying substance intake EA
FIX: failure to download studies from early Orthanc versions
FIX: failure to create BMP when no allergy check date available
IMPROVED: LaTeX formatting of current medications
NEW: placeholders $<bill_adr_*>$ for accessing the address of a bill
NEW: --wxp=2|3 command line option
FIX: faulty detection of dynamic hint applicability
FIX: exception on Orthanc port out of bounds
FIX: setting address from list in receiver selection widget
FIX: no EMR user interaction when updating active encounter display
FIX: faulty by-day measurements display after patient change
IMPROVED: start-end formatting of substance intake
IMPROVED: select unicode character from SOAP STC context menu
IMPROVED: edit test results by context menu from lists
IMPROVED: AMTS data file generation (v2 -> v2.3)
IMPROVED: color of focussed line in STC-based SOAP editor
IMPROVED: information in Hx box of patient overview plugin
NEW: placeholder $<if_not_empty>$
FIX: remove dynamic hint lacking evidence of clinical relevance
FIX: off-by-one calculation of substance intake end date
FIX: faulty use of $<gender_mapper>$ in Begleitbrief template
FIX: fix EMR access deadlock in encounter display widget [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception on non-ASCII VCF data
FIX: exception displaying birthday/age of patient w/ estimated DOB
FIX: list sorting by column header click
IMPROVED: document tree orgs sort mode tooltips
IMPROVED: file description shell script
IMPROVED: less in-your-face default list tooltip
IMPROVED: update AMTS Medikationsplan to 2.3
IMPROVED: log file placement
IMPROVED: form template EA information
IMPROVED: logging of EMR access locking
IMPROVED: EMR journal: show applicable dynamic hints
IMRPOVED: ES translation [thanks Uwe]
IMPROVED: show comm channels of org units in receiver selection
IMPROVED: show doc sources as receiver selection candidates
IMPROVED: letter receiver selection widget layout
IMPROVED: logging of patient change encounter editing
NEW: placeholder $ph_cfg::encoding::$
NEW: blanko AMTS Medikationsplan ~2.3
FIX: constrain hospital stay PRW to current patient
FIX: smoking status detection in dynamic hints
FIX: GKV checkup auto hint
FIX: tetanus shot auto hint
FIX: substance intake discontinuation reason field behaviour
FIX: exception in clinical calculator with pre-birth test results
IMPROVED: file viewer detection on Windows [thanks John]
IMPROVED: DICOM studies/series display
IMPROVED: browse index.html after saving/burning from export area
IMPROVED: substance abuse management workflow
IMPROVED: check for tools im gm-describe_file
IMPROVED: substance intake start/end formatting
NEW: a few hints from the German Choosing Wisely initiative
NEW: CD/DVD sleeve LaTeX template
FIX: error when running gm-import_incoming as root
FIX: failure to show entries with soap_cat=NULL in EMR list journal
FIX: copy-pasto 'nicotine' -> 'ethanol'
IMPROVED: clear metadata panel after importing new document
IMRPOVED: enable editing of document source org
IMPROVED: list context menu layout
IMPROVED: handling of Windows locale names like Hungarian_Hungary [thanks Attila]
IMPROVED: AppData file
IMRPOVED: OOo/LO/SO detection [thanks John]
IMRPOVED: tree display of documents
NEW: calculate distance of patient address to your praxis
IMPROVED: list context menu: operate on _selected_ rows
FIX: EMR journal exporter on Windows [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: by-org sort mode in document tree
IMPROVED: file describer script
IMPROVED: STIKO tetanus auto hint
IMPROVED: ES translation [thanks Uwe]
NEW: gm-import_incoming script for external use
FIX: exception on creating invoice from bill [thanks Marc]
FIX: faulty assumption on what %()s keys must exist in translations
FIX: exception in expando SOAP editor when lines need wrapping [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception on saving progress note under new episode [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception on deleting list items [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception on building list context menu [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception in measurements widget on client idling w/o patient [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: add httplib2 to [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: single-line formatting of addresses
IMPROVED: enhance list context menu to selected rows
FIX: exception create consumable substance by ATC
FIX: exception on showing files of new document
FIX: exception on saving new document
FIX: exception on saving substance abuse entry
FIX: exception on attempting to apply sorting outside list column
FIX: gm-describe_file missing in tarball
IMPROVED: manpages for gm-create_dicomdir/gm-create_datamatrix
NEW: plugin: list based EMR journal
NEW: plugin: limited PACS access (Orthanc DICOM server)
NEW: text editor like SOAP editor (STC based)
NEW: first cut at German AMTS medication plan
NEW: always display select measurements in top panel
NEW: copy-to-clipboard list content via popup menu
NEW: region support for placeholder output
NEW: ellipsis support for placeholder output
NEW: placeholder $range_of$
NEW: placeholder $ph_cfg$
NEW: placeholder $current_meds_AMTS$
NEW: placeholder $praxis_vcf$
NEW: placeholder <form_version_internal>
NEW: placeholder <form_last_modified>
NEW: placeholder $url_escape$
NEW: add appdata.xml
NEW: show patient address in openstreetmap
NEW: support for substance abuse status (nicotine, ethanol, other)
NEW: print EMR from EMR tree
NEW: search in EMR journal view
NEW: copy EMR journal to export area
NEW: tooltip in procedures list
NEW: browse tmp dir, ~/gnumed/, ~/.gnumed/ from client
NEW: dynamic hint on outdated / questionable EDC
NEW: HIT risk assessment algorithm
IMPROVED: substance intake editing workflow
IMPROVED: shutdown with dangling top level windows
IMPROVED: list suppressed dynamic hints in patient overview [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: top panel active encounter area layout [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: measurements plots layout
IMPROVED: injectable placeholders: support arbitrary names if desired
IMPROVED: placeholder nesting regexen
IMPROVED: enable nested placeholders in text engine, too
IMPROVED: lab_panel.most_recent_results() can now respect meta types
IMPROVED: ignore_dupes_on_picking seems a better item picker default
IMPROVED: overall code towards Python 3 compatibility
IMPROVED: CODE: cIdentity(Tag) -> cPerson(Tag)
IMPROVED: security of tmp/sandbox dir setup
IMPROVED: do not auto-plot results from edit area
IMPROVED: much faster access to latest vaccinations
IMPROVED: show all selected parts at once in new-document plugin
IMPROVED: ask whether to create metadata when saving export area documents
IMPROVED: EMR journal formatting
IMPROVED: support deleting more than one list item at a time
IMPROVED: put file from filename in clipboard into export area
IMPROVED: startup shell script
IMPROVED: procedure tooltip in patient overview Hx box
IMPROVED: external care tooltip in patient overview problems box
IMPROVED: tooltip in external care management list
IMPROVED: substance intake timeframe formatting
IMPROVED: layout of measurements plugin
IMPROVED: properly show visual progress notes for empty issues in EMR tree
IMPROVED: support for invoking file manager on a directory
IMPROVED: show admin SOAP in EMR tree at encounter level
IMPROVED: ACEI/pregnancy dynamic hint
IMPROVED: data mining SQL now wants $<ID_ACTIVE_PATIENT>$ rather than $<ID_active_patient>$
IMPROVED: can now delete EDC
IMPROVED: support documenting which organization a document originated from
IMPROVED: workflow for disabling an identity
IMPROVED: EMR Journal formatting of hospital stays
IMPROVED: new-document workflow
IMPROVED: German referral letter
IMPROVED: include clinical reminders with EMR Journal
# rel-1-5-patches
FIX: patient merging, again [thanks Marc]
FIX: patient merging [thanks Marc]
FIX: SQL formatting when retrieving clinical narrative [thanks Marc]
FIX: strange case of "curr_pat is None" in top panel [thanks Marc]
FIX: one more nonissue-problem tooltip exception in SOAP editor [thanks Marc]
FIX: encounter change exception on patient change w/ multiple clients [thanks Marc]
FIX: patient overview tooltip exception on patient change [thanks Marc]
FIX: mysterious non-problem with missing "Gnumed." in import [thanks Basti]
FIX: symlink creation on Windows
IMPROVED: logging of payload changes in case of conflict
IMPROVED: early startup logging
IMPROVED: show low file location during startup
IMPROVED: windows startup batch file
IMPROVED: redirect wxPython log to python logging
FIX: exception on removing temporary config file [thanks Vaibhav]
FIX: exception on importing duplicate file into export area
FIX: exception on merging patients under wxPython 3 [thanks max]
FIX: exception in emr.get_clin_narrative (encounters is None) [thanks Marc]
NEW: startup notice to ensure users are running Python 2.7
FIX: LaTeX output of $soap_for_encounter$ [thanks Jim]
FIX: streamline fairly-recent encounter activation
FIX: patient instantiation in episode management tooltips
FIX: street PRW exception on streets w/o postcode
FIX: exception on moving SOAP between encounters (1.4.15)
FIX: exception in staff list if there is staff with deleted DB account (1.4.16)
IMPROVED: default consultation report
IMPROVED: logging of unexpected encounter changes
IMPROVED: run pdflatex with -recorder so package "currfile" can be used
FIX: HL7 import [thanks Jim]
FIX: VCF export with address/phone
FIX: LinuxMedNews XML export with address/phone
FIX: wx.HIDE_READONLY is no more
FIX: wxp2.8 doesn't yet have GetToolTipString()
FIX: creating dynamic hints [thanks Jim]
FIX: editing-from-encounter-list w/o encounter selected [thanks Jim]
FIX: properly LaTeX-escape "\n" into "\\" [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: do not require simplejson in gmKVK
IMPROVED: show ext IDs/comm channels in EMR Journal Export
IMPROVED: provider inbox labels [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: most recent test result display in patient overview [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: select-day shows results in by-day test results panel [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: $<gen_adr_*>$ can now cache several instances [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: $<receiver_*>$ can now cache several instances [thanks Jim]
FIX: include pregnancy widgets with tarball
FIX: do not require JSON in psycopg2 [thanks Jim]
NEW: by-day display mode for test results including multi-line ones
NEW: patient documents export area plugin
NEW: manage automatic dynamic hints
NEW: letter receiver placeholders $<receiver_*>$
NEW: EDC storage/calculator
NEW: external care documentation
NEW: print manager
NEW: external IDs on organizational units
NEW: better logging of SEGFAULT et alii
NEW: fully placeholdered general letter template
NEW: HL7 lab results import
NEW: Wells Score for pulmonary embolism
NEW: algorithm for choosing an NSAR
NEW: bill related reports
NEW: $<external_care>$ placeholder
NEW: read German eGK/KVK/PKVK on Windows
NEW: per-patient suppression of dynamic hints
NEW: clipboard-based XML-formatted demographics exchange (I.Valdes, LinuxMedNews)
NEW: enable TLS on sending bug reports
NEW: sort substance intake by start date [thanks Jim]
NEW: save report generator results as CSV file
NEW: vCard import/export (I.Valdes, LinuxMedNews)
NEW: LQTS clinical probability score
IMPROVED: filter inbox to active patient if called from waiting list [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: robustness of patient change event sequence ordering
IMPROVED: import upstream TimeLine 1.2.3 release
IMPROVED: encounter editing before patient switch/creation
IMPROVED: manage episodes from measurements EA [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: workflow when entering test result with new type
IMPROVED: updated to TimeLine 1.3.0 version
IMPROVED: on list updates scroll to last selected row if possible
IMPROVED: updated DVT Wells Score
IMPROVED: enhance dynamic keyword text expansions
IMPROVED: support test results status / source data
IMPROVED: link to WHO ATC list from drug/substance EA [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: wxPython 3 compatibility
IMPROVED: "Relevant" messages mode in provider inbox
IMPROVED: GFR calculations
IMPROVED: prevent deletion of messages not belonging to current provider
IMRPOVED: display of medication related lab monitoring
IMPROVED: exception logging enhancements
IMPROVED: workflow creating bill w/ respect to VAT [thanks Marc]
IMRPOVED: workflow finding unreviewed test results [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: new-documents virtual inbox message
# rel-1-4-patches
FIX: exception on moving SOAP between encounters
FIX: exception on right-clicking empty space in problem list [thanks Daniel]
FIX: exception on deleting address which is use in a bill [thanks Marc]
FIX: is now reg-walled, switch to
FIX: attempt to remove all items from a bill [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception on adding improperly selected bill item [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception on trying to add duplicate keyword expansion [thanks Marc]
FIX: failing deletion of bills [thanks Marc]
FIX: failing Creatinine vs GFR age calculation
FIX: failure to handle pre-1900's measurements
IMPROVED: date format in bill/bill_item placeholder [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: auto-selection of bill receiver address [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: labelling of sign vs review in measurements EA [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: coloring of abnormals [thanks Jim]
FIX: bug in current_meds placeholder
FIX: utterly slow praxis branch PRW [thanks Jim]
FIX: bug with changing praxis definition
FIX: exception on showing audit trail [thanks Jim]
FIX: SOAP->episode misappropriation bug [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: patient merging dialog [thanks Harald]
IMPROVED: [SAVE ALL] behaviour in SOAP plugin [thanks Jim]
FIX: failure to process non-ascii PATH entries looking for binaries [thanks admin-crb]
FIX: longstanding cryptic age label update bug [thanks MAIN-USER, Sergio]
FIX: missing qualification of make_pg_exception_fields_unicode() [thanks Khalil]
FIX: missing method in TimeLine code
FIX: bug in new-person EA validation code
FIX: creating dummy identities used faulty gender
FIX: faulty apparent_age formatting (age between 1-2 month ignored)
IMPROVED: DOB/age display in top panel
IMPROVED: deal with display of missing gender
FIX: permissions of ${TMP}/gnumed/ on multiuser systems [thanks Kalle]
IMPROVED: lab results grid tooltips
IMRPOVED: manage test types from lab results grid
IMRPOVED: manage aggregates from test types listing
IMPROVED: temporary directory
FIX: gracefully recover from invalid URLs [thanks Jim]
FIX: encounter editing from EMR browser [thanks Jim]
FIX: faulty date access in test result EA [thanks Jim]
FIX: a few minor bugs displaying test results
IMPROVED: results formatting in episode synopsis of EMR tree
IMPROVED: lots of details in the test results grid
FIX: test results unit PRW SQL
FIX: mislinked document insert [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: desktop entry keywords [thanks Andreas]
IMPROVED: man page typo [thanks Andreas]
IMPROVED: authentication environment logging
IMPROVED: patient overview encounters summary [thanks Jim]
FIX: deleting org units which are in use [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: account for wx2.9 always being unicode but not saying so
IMPROVED: font size for some top panel parts on Mac
IMPROVED: adjustments for wx2.9 and wx on Mac
NEW: generic search in lists
NEW: nested placeholders
NEW: placeholder $<current_meds_for_rx>$
NEW: list sorting by column header click [thanks J.Luszawski]
NEW: "Grünes Rezept" for Germany
NEW: manage your praxis with its branches
NEW: auto-hint "GVK-GU überfällig"
NEW: placeholder $<praxis>$
NEW: placeholder $<praxis_address>$
NEW: placeholder $<praxis_comm>$
NEW: dialog for post-processing template-generated documents
NEW: meta test type editing
NEW: management of billables
NEW: turn patient report results into waiting list entries
NEW: show relevant measurements in current substances list
NEW: AUDIT alcohol disorder screening
NEW: print/export of EMR timeline
NEW: ATRIA OAC bleeding risk score
NEW: export of individual document parts
NEW: EMR tree: support showing revisions
NEW: manual deletion of encounters
IMPROVED: hook nesting/cycling detection
IMPROVED: document in chart mailing of document parts
IMPROVED: just set DB lang at startup if missing, do not ask
IMPROVED: substance intake EA: PRW_aim context dependant on substance
IMPROVED: encounter EA: improved display of patient context
IMPROVED: new patient EA: warn on existing external ID
IMPROVED: new patient EA: warn on existing name + DOB
IMPROVED: substance PRW: prefer previously used as suggestions
IMPROVED: report failing auto-hints to the user
IMPROVED: make <Privacy notice> be category "admin" so they do not delete to soapU
IMPROVED: measurements workflow adjustments [thanks Jim and Rogerio]
IMPROVED: enable generic lists" extra buttons to operate on multi-selections
IMPROVED: access level role names
IMPROVED: check MD5 sum of newly inserted document objects for extra paranoia
IMPROVED: current medication list template
IMPROVED: backup/restore automatically applies DB settings adjustments
IMPROVED: default episode "administrative" rather than "administration"
IMPROVED: EMR tree: listing/editing switch button label
IMPROVED: EMR tree: show journal for unassociated episodes pool
IMPROVED: EMR tree: keep expansion state across node edits
IMPROVED: current_meds_tables/*_notes placeholder can now span pages
IMPROVED: waiting list [thanks Jerzy]
IMPROVED: streamlined form templates management
IMPROVED: display of long-text test results
IMPROVED: improved SOAP selection list
IMPROVED: more clinically relevant display of substance intake start
IMPROVED: test results plotting: deal with "<N" and ">N" pseudo-numeric values
IMPROVED: patient search now supports "LASTNAME, NICKNAME"
IMPROVED: document tree: keep expansion state across node edits
# rel-1-3-patches
1.3.10 (unreleased)
FIX: exception on moving document parts
FIX: linking new address to org unit [thanks Marc]
FIX: health issue EA hang [thanks Jim]
FIX: exception on creating inbox item type which already exists under different category
IMPROVED: generate PDF from AbiWord generated forms
FIX: better show all relevant test results in review dialog [thanks Rogerio]
FIX: failure of <PRW>.SetData(None)
FIX: multi-use PRW edit font growth
IMPROVED: make timeline end 1 year after end of data
FIX: exception on substance intake w/o start date [thanks Jim]
FIX: faulty SQL in lab phrasewheel [thanks Jim]
FIX: exception on saving modified organization [thanks Jim]
FIX: validity check on substance discontinuation date [thanks Jim]
FIX: exception on accessing org unit comm channel comment [thanks Jim]
FIX: failure to properly delete org *units* [thanks Jim]
FIX: failure to properly edit substance intakes [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: show substance intolerances in magenta rather than yellow [thanks Jim]
FIX: exception on merging patients with identical addresses [thanks Jim]
FIX: exception on repeatedly updating LOINC [thanks A.Maier]
FIX: exception on getattr() in braindead-tree-items-data-access workaround [thanks V.Banait]
FIX: exception on detecting patient ID column in patient listing ctrl [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: show "U" for soapU data rather than "?" [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: print recalls from vaccinations list
FIX: exception on merging patients with identical external IDs [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: further clarify license of Timeline icons
FIX: exception on DDE access to IE when printing
FIX: exception on timeline display problems
FIX: exception on logging cIdentity.export_tray [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: billing EA ignored encounter selection [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: prepare for static placeholder depreciation
IMPROVED: verbosely format duration in $<current_meds_list>$ [thanks V.Banait]
IMPROVED: "Cave:" field not red when known to not have allergies
IMPROVED: several reports on medications taken by patients
IMPROVED: display of dynamic text expansion fill-in
IMPROVED: duplicates error message in drug brands EA [thanks V.Banait]
IMPROVED: also invoke text macros with <CTRL-ALT-T>
FIX: failure to use active patient on adding waiting list entry [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: failure to print in some Windows installations [thanks V.Banait]
IMPROVED: primitive HL7 formatting
IMPROVED: added recalls document template
IMRPOVED: check files for readability before printing
IMPROVED: sorta workaround infamous TreeCtrl.GetPyData() PyAssertion
FIX: failure to fully escape % in Xe(La)TeX engine [thanks V.Banait]
FIX: formatting error in current substance intake list
FIX: collision of placeholder replacement and text expansion filling
FIX: exception on substance-discontinued in the future [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: exception on months of different length in timeline [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: faulty use of test results formatting
FIX: intake EA forgot non-brand preparation [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: re-saving of durations when editing substance intakes [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: unable to save same-day hospital admission/discharge
IMPROVED: record deletion of inbox messages in EMR
IMPROVED: create recalls from vaccinations manager
IMPROVED: clean up LaTeX/Xe(La)TeX handling
IMPROVED: keep a copy of printed current medication lists [thanks Liz]
IMPROVED: add MELD score [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: include duration with current_meds_table [thanks V.Banait]
FIX: make gmHL7 import optional [thanks J.Luszawski/A.Tille]
FIX: exception on showing timeline [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: exception on searching across EMRs [thanks V.Banait]
FIX: exception on formatting external IDs in overview [thanks S.Hilbert]
FiX: exception on merging patients with same comm channel [thanks M.Angermann]
IMPROVED: have prerequisite check look for python-hl7 [thanks J.Luszawski]
IMPROVED: patient overview waiting list hint tooltip [thanks J.Busser]
NEW: visualize the EMR using TheTimelineProject
NEW: placeholder $<patient_photo>$
NEW: DEGAM UTI 2012 guideline
NEW: status line in each edit area
NEW: Xe(La)TeX based forms engine
NEW: plain text based/generic postprocessing forms engine
NEW: placeholder $<text_snippet>$ operating on keyword expansions
NEW: encryptable placeholder $<data_snippet>$
NEW: look for installed plugins list in config files, too
NEW: medical staff vs non-medical staff permissions handling
NEW: generic gmTextCtrl supporting keyword expansion macros
NEW: current substances grid: generate Rx either from DB or from form template
NEW: GVK-Rezept prescription template (darf in D nicht verwendet werden)
NEW: revamped measurements handling including test panels
NEW: placeholder $<soap_by_issue>$, selecting SOAP via issues list
NEW: placeholder $<soap_by_episode>$, selecting SOAP via episodes list
NEW: progress notes can now be created from EMR tree
NEW: score: Bird Criteria for Polymyalgia rheumatica
NEW: score: prediction of bacterial conjunctivitis
NEW: placeholder $<documents>$, include/export documents
NEW: list placeholders from within client
NEW: show (e)GFR in substance intake EA
NEW: placeholder $<test_results>$, selecting test results from list
NEW: Epworth Sleepiness Scale
NEW: placeholder $<reminders>$ for messages with due date
IMPROVED: document tree: better labels, tooltips added
IMPROVED: measurement EA: show most recent value of test type
IMPROVED: measurement EA: plot adjacent results upon saving
IMPROVED: support a comment on bills
IMPROVED: EMR tree: load data when expanding nodes
IMPROVED: vaccinations list: print vaccinations via template
IMPROVED: better dynamic text expansion dialog
IMPROVED: drug component PRW: disambiguate which drug will be picked
IMPROVED: waiting list: filter by active patient
IMPROVED: report generator: be smarter about patient ID columns
IMPROVED: patient overview: display last modified of occupation
IMPROVED: substances grid: show preparation of items
IMPROVED: placeholder $<current_meds>$ can let user select entries
IMPROVED: measurements grid labels
IMPROVED: (Xe)(La)TeX forms engine recursively substitutes placeholders
IMPROVED: address: street/subunit level comment can now be removed
IMPROVED: do not loose has_allergy=True on merging patients
IMPROVED: health issue EA: safer workflow
IMPROVED: SOAP plugin: improved selection of most-recent information
IMPROVED: EMR tree browser: display entire EMR as journal
IMPROVED: placeholder handler: always properly escape data based on target form engine
IMPROVED: depreciate gmNotebookedProgressNoteInputPlugin from "GNUmed Default" workplace
IMPROVED: EMR Journal: order grouped by encounter or order by last modified of items
IMPROVED: SimpleSoap plugin: enable keyword based text expansions
IMPROVED: patient overview: show comment on contact in tooltip
IMPROVED: waiting list entry double-click workflow [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: database translation contribution code
IMPROVED: login dialog help text [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: patient searcher logic [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: non-overdue recalls display in patient overview
IMPROVED: provider inbox: much improved workflow
# rel-1-2-patches
FIX: protect against unexplained double-fill of provider inbox
FiX: protect against capitalize('') [thanks Slappinjohn]
FIX: protect against yet another silly SetItemPyData issue
IMPROVED: non-overdue recalls display in patient overview
IMPROVED: show comm channel comment in patient overview
FIX: backport existence check in expando layout handling
FIX: exception on adding duplicate active name [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: LaTeX -\normalsize SOAPU in formatting encounters [thanks V.Banait]
IMPROVED: $<progress_notes>$ placeholder: template handling
IMPROVED: $<emr_journal>$ placeholder: time_range can be any PG interval
IMPROVED: instrument code to track list widget bug
FIX: faulty LaTeX escaping of "\" special character [thanks V.Banait]
FIX: failure to announce auto-picks from PRW dropdowns [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: sanity check item/data count in lists [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: possibly faulty tooltips in patient overview meds list
FIX: ignore exception on backing up log file inside exception handler
FIX: failure to merge patients with identical names [thanks S.Reus]
IMPROVED: Backport looking at config files when scanning for installed plugins
FIX: disappearing substances grid when activating another patient [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: botched due/expiry verification on saving provider inbox message
FIX: prevent invoices from getting attached to the wrong patient [thanks M.Angermann]
FIX: robustify EMR tree against corner cases on patient change
IMPROVED: drug component PRW: show external ID of brand if known
FIX: failure to parse plugin directory with frozen app [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: failure to add >1 branded intake in sequence [thanks V.Banait]
FIX: exception on saving hospital stay w/o admission date
FIX: failure to check for message expiry > due [thanks S.Griesfeller]
IMPROVED: more frequent waiting list updates [thanks J.Busser]
IMRPOVED: release mail word-smithing
IMPROVED: disambiguate "problem IS health issue" in SOAP editor [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: better listing of bills w/o items [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: tooltip of bills w/o items [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: failure to save .tex bill files
FIX: faulty encounter matcher SQL [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: failure to properly modify workplace plugin list [thanks V.Banait]
IMPROVED: user experience with SimpleNotes plugin [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: tell when there's no address for billing [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: suggest current user as primary provider on new patients [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: AutoHotKey script [thanks V.Banait]
IMPROVED: login dialog size [thanks J.Busser/L.Dodd]
IMPROVED: show stats cover period in Activity overview plugin sub panel [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: soft-wrapping SimpleNotes and $<free_text>$ input [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: FreeDiams XML file API
FIX: exception activating disabled patient from waiting list [thanks B.Uhl]
FIX: exception on saving allergy without onset date [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on editing comm channel w/o comment [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on d-clicking top panel encounter field w/o active patient [thanks J.Busser]
NEW: staff management: implement deletion
NEW: top panel: display active encounter area
NEW: patient overview plugin
NEW: reports to find recent encounters [thanks J.Busser]
NEW: marginal support for soapU category
NEW: placeholders form_name_long/form_name_short/form_version
NEW: document tree: sort mode "by health issue"
NEW: SimpleNotes plugin
NEW: current medication plugin: sort mode "by health issue"
NEW: AbiWord based document templates
NEW: document tree: add parts via document context menu
NEW: document tree: delete/move document parts via part context menu
NEW: browse reference data sources
NEW: importer for "Clinica" EMR databases
NEW: support estimated date of birth
NEW: placeholder <vaccination_history> and LaTeX form template
NEW: PDF-Formular "Vorsorgevollmacht" [thanks Bundesministerium f. Justiz]
NEW: active clinical reminders with due/expiry date
NEW: basic billing functionality
NEW: support for locally overriding wxGlade based widgets
NEW: dynamic clinical hints
NEW: placeholders <adr_subunit> and <adr_suburb>
NEW: placeholder <patient_tags>
NEW: placeholder <PHX>
NEW: link from Medication plugin and substance intake EA
NEW: CAGE score on screening for risk of alcohol abuse
NEW: AutoHotKey script on abdominal pain [thanks V.Banait]
IMPROVED: EMR browser: whole-chart synopsis
IMPROVED: SOAP plugin: encounter field tooltips [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: SOAP plugin: RFE/AOE fields only
IMPROVED: demographics: notebook tab order
IMPROVED: encounter list: [Add] uses configured default encounter type [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: encounter list: [Start new], [Edit active], show active in red
IMPROVED: log data pack insertion in the database [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: top panel: redo in wxGlade
IMPROVED: comm channels: support a comment [suggested by J.Busser]
IMPROVED: document input plugin: workflow adjustments
IMPROVED: signalling of attempt to duplicate drug component intake
IMPROVED: vaccinations: two-list item picker to pick indications rather than checkbox forest
IMPROVED: allergy manager workflow [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: address related placeholders: let user select if no value available for type
IMPROVED: vaccinations: in EMR root show how long ago it was given
IMPROVED: waiting list: on activating patient set RFE if empty but waiting list has comment
IMPROVED: client upgrade check: version comparison glitch [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: keyword-based text expansion macros: let user fill in values
IMPROVED: message inbox: include messages *by* the active provider, too
IMPROVED: FreeDiams interface: support 0.6.0 style XML file API
IMPROVED: provide md5/sha512 sums for release tarballs [thanks A.Wachtleben]
IMPROVED: branded drug EA: jump to manage-substances
IMPROVED: placeholders: current_meds_table/current_meds_notes
IMPROVED: default medication list template layout
IMPROVED: substance intake EA usability
IMPROVED: status line cleanup [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: document signing display [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: "latest vaccinations" template
# rel-1-1-patches
1.1.20 (unreleased)
FIX: must be careful about active name when merging patients [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: exception on parsing "2//" into timestamp suggestion [thanks jesenas]
FIX: faulty handling of inbox message context PK arrays
FIX: exception on adding region [thanks U.Koch Kronberg]
FIX: FreeDiams XML file API access
FIX: exception on removing components from branded drug [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: bring back [OK] button on editing progress notes [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: patient search trying to pin down merge issue
FIX: missing pre-save date verification in document properties editor [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on procedure start > end [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: corner case of faulty drug database selection [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: apparent-age calculation bug on Feb 29th if DOB is non-leap year [thanks M.Angermann]
FIX: cFuzzyTimestampInput.is_valid_timestamp() error seen in encounter EA [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: Easter Egg Exception
FIX: [Save under] in SOAP editor would fail [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception with certain invalid placeholders [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: add missing encoding detection [thanks Andrew]
FIX: broken health issue creation from its PRW [thanks S.Reus]
IMPROVED: robustify os.startfile() use [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: robustify auto-setting of encounter.last_affirmed
IMPROVED: robustify validity checks of cFuzzyTimestampInput [thanks S.Reus]
IMPROVED: overly eager page number collision check [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: proper quoting of "start" args on Windows [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: exception on expando resizing when it holds 0 lines
FIX: exception on adding a second/third brand [thanks Vaibhav]
IMPROVED: remove unneeded documentation tarball [thanks A.Tille]
IMPROVED: better index.html in tarballed documentation [thanks A.Tille]
IMPROVED: ignore wx.Begin/EndBusyCursor refcounting
IMPROVED: PRWs now know about <ENTER> on Windows [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: grey out arriba menu item if not detected [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: pre-final editing of LaTeX forms [thanks M.Angermann]
IMPROVED: arriba now at version 2.4.1
IMPROVED: support non-blocking external apps on Windows [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: offline docs [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: russian translation [thanks YvLy]
FIX: bug in calculating apparent age when patient is born later today
FIX: completely rip out wx.lib.pubsub use
FIX: exception on accessing diagnostic certainty phrasewheel [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: cannot pack with pyInstaller due to pubsub v1 API [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: try robustifying wx.lib.pubsub listener facing pyInstaller damage [thanks MM]
IMPROVED: make opening URLs work better with Python 2.6 [thanks MM]
IMPROVED: detection of connection loss
IMPROVED: tarball generation regarding the GNUmed manual
IMPROVED: warn on saving branded drugs w/o components [thanks vbanait]
FIX: do not check .is_vaccine against None [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: failure to access drug database on reconfiguration of invalid preselect [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: inability to edit a drug component intake [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: missing check for substance intake end date in the future [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: faulty search query for persons w/o a title [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: failure to verify substance intake duration [thanks vbanait]
IMPROVED: description w/ gender formatting [thanks J.Busser/Liz]
IMPROVED: EMR tree browser: remove redundant gender from root item tooltip
IMPROVED: demographics: protect against deletion of active name [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: gracefully fail attempts to duplicate drug component intake [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: properly review partless documents [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception in episode name selection PRW [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: improper validity check in encounter EA [thanks S.Reus]
IMPROVED: placeholder $<primary_praxis_provider_external_id::type//issuer::length>$
IMPROVED: robustify browsing URLs against external problems [thanks Sergio]
FIX: document comment phrasewheel exception [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: exception in fuzzy timestamp PRW when not actively selecting from dropdown [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: exception in date input prw when not actively selecting from dropdown [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: exception on using "n" -> "now" in date input PRW
FIX: failure to properly propagate changes to the current encounter [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: placeholder $<current_provider_external_id::type//issuer::length>$
IMPROVED: staff list editor: disable non-functional [Delete] button [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: episode/issue EA: "Synopsis" field label/tooltip [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: phrasewheel exception on test types without .code [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: faulty access to _TCTRL_unit in patient creation widgets [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: confirm removing patients from the waiting list [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: remove misleading "There are no encounters for this episode." [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: more robust clock value formatting
FIX: when configured encounter type not available pick first rather than pk=0 one
FIX: failure to properly search for "kir;" [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: faulty use of wxSizer.Detach() [thanks Stepanyuk]
IMPROVED: log gmI18N.get_encoding() result
IMPROVED: encounter type phrasewheel formatting
IMPROVED: slightly better wx.EndBusyCursor() placement in exception handler
IMPROVED: formatting of staff match provider items [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: by default show inactive substances in grid
IMPROVED: add improved icon XPM
NEW: use os.startfile() for printing where available
NEW: PDF printing via Acrobat Reader/gsprint.exe/os.startfile/IEx/MacPreview
NEW: use dem.remove_person(integer) DB function from
NEW: add man pages for more server-side shell scripts
NEW: multi-phrase phrasewheel support
NEW: right-clicking problem in SOAP note plugin shows episode/issue edit area
NEW: cleanup tmp dir on shutdown if not running with --debug
NEW: do not import mx.DateTime in anymore
NEW: LaTeX template for printing German "GKV-Rezept based" forms [thanks C.Becker]
NEW: hook "after_code_link_modified"
NEW: family history handling
NEW: PDF-form based forms handling via pdftk
NEW: coding of episodes, issues, RFE/AOE, procedures, family history
NEW: minimal management of communication channel types
NEW: support for data packs installable from within the client
NEW: warn on/inform about access to medical chart of staff member
NEW: add Ginkgo CADx to list of minimally supported DICOM viewers
NEW: placeholder $<encounter_list::format template::length>$ to access list of encounters
NEW: visual progress note creation directly from image capture device
NEW: 4 new visual progress note templates [thanks J.Busser]
NEW: implement explicitly creating episodes from EMR tree or menu
NEW: implement organizations management
NEW: placeholder $<patient_address::type//formatting template::length>$
NEW: placeholder $<adr_region::type::length>$
NEW: placeholder $<adr_country::type::length>$
NEW: placeholder $<patient_comm::type::length>$
NEW: placeholder $<external_id::type//issuer::length>$
NEW: placeholder $<primary_praxis_provider>$
NEW: report generator placeholder $<ID_active_patient>$
NEW: bleeding score: HEMORR²HAGES
NEW: vaccination indication "influenza (H3N2)"
IMPROVED: substance intake EA: one line with tooltip for components info field
IMPROVED: substance intake EA: field naming and title
IMPROVED: config file comments
IMPROVED: context menu titles
IMPROVED: allergy manager: close button, confirm button naming
IMPROVED: larger lower border in gnuplot templates so year gets displayed properly
IMPROVED: detection of external executables
IMPROVED: default medication list template layout
IMPROVED: make inbox listen to/reload on doc/doc-review/identity changes
IMPROVED: typos in patient search field [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: check for both "lowriter" and "oowriter" when using OOo/LO [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: set database options at bootstrap, only check at connection setup
IMPROVED: fix tab order in SOAP plugin [thanks S.Leibner]
IMPROVED: EMR tree: disable Journal/Synopsis selection for nodes where it does not apply
IMPROVED: clarified license to "GPL v2 or later"
IMPROVED: demographics tooltips: in-database emergency contact, in-praxis primary provider
IMPROVED: substance intake grid: show advice column
IMPROVED: document archive: configure UUID generation
IMPROVED: document archive: new review modes (only if not by responsible/only if none)
IMPROVED: comm channel type PRW: filter out match candidate dupes [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: document tree: more informative node formatting
IMPROVED: prescription: auto-sign if the current provider is the intended reviewer for the patient
IMPROVED: vaccination list formatting on episodes/encounters
IMPROVED: faster generation of PDFs from LaTeX templates
IMPROVED: waiting list: multi-line comment and item-based list tooltip
IMPROVED: document metadata editing: no more always-on-top, safer parts moving [thanks J.Busser]
IMRROVED: waiting list: keep selection on item when moving it within the list [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: inbox: goto-patient as default action if pk_patient is not NULL [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: DOB related identity handling
IMPROVED: new patient EA: include in-praxis primary provider [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: during connect check whether database was properly bootstrapped
IMPROVED: new patient EA: include address type selection
IMPROVED: behaviour of [kidney] button in substance intake grid
IMPROVED: new patient EA: saner address search / address fields interaction
# rel-0-9-patches
FIX: exception with INN based FreeDiams interaction check
IMPROVED: add SQL reports to find duplicate streets/urbs/regions
FIX: include latest GPL v2.0 license text from FSF [thanks Ankur]
FIX: gracefully handle invalid DOB (future, DOB > DOD) [thanks Wim]
IMPROVED: substance intake table: "amount per unit" = "Strength", not "Dose" [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: be ever more careful on list ctrl item tooltip generation [thanks Marc]
FIX: add two more snippets pulled from the web re tree sorting insanity
FIX: exception on trying to create Gelbe Liste/MMI version file [thanks ALI from Lebanon]
FIX: exceptions on various TWAIN error states [thanks ALI from Lebanon]
FIX: failure to save leftmost notelet editor on [Save all] button [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on not selecting an encounter for [Save under] action [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: improper scaling of "width < height" images (visual progress notes)
FIX: exception on wx.TreeCtrl.GetPyItemData() w/o *explicit* wx.TR_SINGLE style
FIX: improper sizing of SOAP expandos on Windows (#646240) [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: exception on getting list item tooltip if no data available [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on selecting bytea columns in report generator [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: also try %d/%m/%Y when parsing dates [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on creating allergy entry from non-brand substance intake [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on creating measurement type without LOINC [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception with displaying list item tooltips [thanks Marc]
FIX: faulty pt_BR translation ("issue name" -> "issue_name") [thanks Rogerio]
FIX: fix DOB to be dated back one day sometimes [thanks S.Reus]
IMPROVED: better protect against translation errors
FIX: need to clear "Recent notes" sizer label between patients [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on <DrugATC/> being returned from FreeDIAMS but empty [thanks ll]
FIX: exception (off-by-one) when splitting "incompletely" defined placeholders [thanks Marc]
FIX: exception when DOB=NULL when re-confirming old encounter [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: enable detaching episodes from issues [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on trying to use Wine version of GL/MMI under Windows [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: adjust default Windows path to FreeDiams executable [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: exception on trying to put patient on same drug twice [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: Windows can't check hook script for -rw------- with os.stat() [thanks LuisCapriles]
FIX: exception on DOB input because .strptime() returns TZ naive dates [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exceptions on entering large integers into DOB field
IMPROVED: logging of hook script permissions [thanks L.Capriles]
FIX: did not properly delete persons [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: enable running arriba w/o an active patient
FIX: cEpisode.get_narrative() ignored <soap_cats> argument
FIX: wrapper around Python's deficient strftime() [thanks J.Jaarsveld]
FIX: exception on displaying date deceased if not null [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception on activating non-existent patient from inbox message [thanks Oliver]
IMPROVED: make creating/updating tags a restricted procedure [thanks Rogerio]
IMPROVED: slightly relax external app exit code check on Windows [thanks vbanait]
IMPROVED: placeholder "soap_for_encounters" now sorts by SOAP cat rank, then by date [thanks vbanait]
IMRPOVED: better remove SOAP-less encounters from consultation report output [thanks vbanait]
IMPROVED: do not try to sign results if none selected
FIX: wxPython-MacOSX needs yet another way to detach sizer items [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: naming of formatted item view in tree (Details -> Synopsis) [thanks J.Busser]
IMRPOVED: synopsis formatting of episodes in EMR tree [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: wording of problem list headers in SOAP plugin [thanks S.Leibner]
IMRPOVED: synopsis formatting of health issues in EMR tree [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: problem list formatting in SOAP plugin [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: German translation [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: units PRW now also pulls from ATC DDD and consumable substances amount [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: wxPython-MSW (wx-assertions-on) cannot detach sizer items as documented [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: adjusted Python interpreter path in [thanks lintian]
FIX: exception on calling FreeDiams on Windows if not configured [thanks S.Hilbert]
NEW: use much enhanced, file-based FreeDiams API
NEW: support primary provider on patients along with configurable fallback
NEW: support array of contextual FKs per inbox message
NEW: support dicomscope as DICOM viewer
NEW: support summary field on health issues and episodes
NEW: translate database strings from within client and contribute translations
NEW: simplistic coding systems browser
NEW: cloning of workplaces
NEW: hook "post_person_creation"
NEW: placeholder: "emr_journal::soap//%(narrative)s//255//tex::9999"
NEW: LaTeX template: chronological EMR journal
NEW: placeholder: "free_text::tex//<purpose>::9999"
NEW: LaTeX template: generic free-text medical statement (English and German)
NEW: full manual management of substances/drug components/branded drugs
NEW: implement our own date picker
NEW: implement searchable tags with image/name/comment on patients
NEW: Greek translation
NEW: log failed gm-dbo database access in database during restricted procedures
NEW: change gm-dbo password from client
NEW: implement leaving a message for oneself/other providers
NEW: Gulich Score on GABHS in sore throat
NEW: implement generic method for downloading data packs
NEW: placeholder: "soap_for_encounters::soap//<date format>::9999"
NEW: make client font configurable
IMPROVED: link test results directly to requests for them
IMPROVED: much better EMR tree root node tooltip
IMPROVED: improved adding of vaccinations
IMPROVED: now listing episodes/health issues at time of creation in EMR journal
IMPROVED: Boesner score now has internationally usable name: "Marburg CHD score"
IMPROVED: much better integration of visual progress notes
IMPROVED: procedures now support a duration and an "ongoing" state
IMPROVED: adjust to modified API of MMI/Gelbe Liste
IMPROVED: master data management interface
IMPROVED: fix "Current Substance Intake" edit area usability glitches (schedule, substance, preparation)
IMPROVED: much saner "deletion of substance intake entry" workflow
IMPROVED: logically cleaner substance intake handling
IMPROVED: find gm-print_doc in git tree, too
IMPROVED: relax URL sanity checks since Web 2.0 confuses all but the most sophisticated browsers
IMPROVED: default server profile names in gnumed.conf example
IMPROVED: alpha-sort list of master data lists as per mailing list
IMPROVED: external patient sources now generically import external IDs/comm channels/addresses
IMPROVED: fix detection of existing patient when loading from external source
IMPROVED: workplace plugin configuration using item picker
IMPROVED: in phrasewheel support dynamic part of tooltip based on selected item data
IMPROVED: location PRW in procedure EA: re-use hospitals from hospital stays
IMPROVED: support arriba 2.2.2 and its new file-based API
IMPROVED: substance intake grid: display unapproved by default
IMPROVED: default temporary directory now /tmp/gnumed/gm-<unique ID>/ per GNUmed instance
IMPROVED: menu structure creation such that accelerator keys work more reliably
IMPROVED: EMR tree can now display selective chronological journal on issues and episodes
IMPROVED: existing translations
IMPROVED: make showing audit trail a restricted procedure
IMPROVED: enable exporting of in-database form template
IMPROVED: show RFE/AOE in "recent notes" display in SOAP plugin
IMPROVED: much saner workflow when creating allergy entry from substance intake
IMPROVED: configurably auto-open editors for all open, recently worked-on problems when activating a patient
IMPROVED: SOAP plugin: [Save under] saves notelet under selectable rather than current encounter
IMPROVED: enable moving documents between encounters, mainly useful for visual progress notes
IMPROVED: do not at all use wx.DatePickerCtrl as it breaks on some locales (en_IN) [thanks vbanait]
IMPROVED: management of configuration items
# rel-0-8-patches
FIX: failure to show patient image if created in a month with a name containing non-ASCII characters
FIX: fix sorting of EMR tree dummy health issue node [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: no more getStrAllTopics() in newer wx.lib.pubsubs
FIX: incompatible transport formatting of bytea between pre-9.0 libpq and 9.0+ PG server [thanks D.Varrazzo]
FIX: exception on adding a diagnostic org (path lab)
FIX: pointed everything in this branch to
FIX: exception on pressing [As planned] in substance intake EA [thanks]
FIX: strftime() cannot take unicode argument when refreshing waiting list [thanks JB]
FIX: constrain hospital stay PRW to current patient in procedure EA
FIX: faulty medically sound formatting of apparent age when between 1 and 2 years of age [thanks Wildfang]
FIX: insufficient check of start/end field value when editing encounter details [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: PostgreSQL 9.0 does not need "regex_flavor" anymore
FIX: exception after adding patient to waiting list [thanks JB]
FIX: properly refresh encounter list after editing one [thanks JB]
FIX: rectify confusing message when deleting meds [thanks JB]
FIX: properly set PYTHONPATH [thanks Debian Squeeze]
FIX: exception on trying to create hospital stay w/o episode [thanks devm]
FIX: exception on calculate_apparent_age(start=March 31st, end=February): invalid day for month [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: missing gmHooks import when _on_soap_modified is invoked
FIX: exception due to faulty SQL in branded drug phrasewheel match provider
FIX: faulty German translation of (meningococcus) "A" to (meningococcus) "D"
FIX: subtle bug with validating date_deceased preventing demographics editing
FIX: assertion on Windows when creating timestamps piecemeal in new-patient
FIX: exception on wrapping long entry in auto-expanding SOAP note field
FIX: exception when "DejaVu Sans" not found on Windows
NEW: Add button to lookup drug on to current substances plugin.
NEW: hook: "after_soap_modified"
NEW: placeholder: "current_meds_table::latex"
NEW: placeholder: "current_meds_notes::latex"
NEW: placeholder: "lab_table::latex"
NEW: placeholder: "latest_vaccs_table::latex"
NEW: score: Rome diagnostic criteria on obstipation
NEW: score: Cincinatti Stroke Scale (F.A.S.T.)
NEW: score: bacterial UTI algorithm
NEW: score: coronary artery disease in primary care
NEW: score: ABCDEF & Glasgow-7-points for identifying atypical moles
NEW: report: patients taking drug X
NEW: graphing of ranges of measurements (user-defined gnuplot scripts)
NEW: support emergency contact
NEW: support comment directly on identity
NEW: Add button to report ADR from within current substances plugin.
NEW: list view of database audit trail
NEW: management of vaccinations and vaccines
NEW: templates for writing a plugin [thanks S.Hilbert]
NEW: on Windows try to switch to "DejaVu Sans" font for improved unicode display
NEW: demonstrable path to get up and running on Macintosh [thanks J.Busser]
NEW: useful error dialog when database connection lost
NEW: email log file on demand from menu
NEW: support Canadian MSVA format as external patient source
IMPROVED: GNUmed can now import the ARRIBA result as a document
IMPROVED: rename client/locale/ to client/po/ and adjust to that
IMPROVED: when enabling --debug during unhandled exception try harder to log the exception in question
IMPROVED: more robust acquiring of data from image sources
IMPROVED: more medically-sound interval formatting
IMPROVED: another, more expected, way of calculating patient age
IMPROVED: edit non-name identity parts *directly* in demographics plugin (no popup needed)
IMPROVED: show date-generated in patient picture tooltip
IMPROVED: much better icon [thanks J.Jaarsveld]
IMPROVED: show comment/emergency contact in patient search control tooltip
IMPROVED: re-add encounters to auditing
IMPROVED: show loinc info for test in test results EA
IMPROVED: much smarter result units phrasewheel
IMPROVED: DOB validity check when creating new person
IMPROVED: better layout of configuration listing
IMPROVED: medication formatting
IMPROVED: current medication patient handout [thanks C.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: pre-filter form template selection list based on purpose of showing
IMPROVED: default config file for running from tarball
IMPROVED: better support FreeDiams (0.4.2 now in Debian)
IMPROVED: EMR tree root note context menu
IMPROVED: generic lists can now have 3 extra buttons
IMPROVED: use substance rather than brand as allergene when creating allergy from substance intake entry
# rel-0-7-patches
FIX: pointed everything to
FIX: refuse to connect to salaam.homeunix*
FIX: exception on trying to create hospital stay w/o episode [thanks devm]
FIX: when creating allergy from substance intake entry second try would overwrite first try if same drug brand
FIX: assertion on Windows when creating timestamps piecemeal in new-patient
FIX: exception on wrapping long entry in auto-expanding SOAP note field
FIX: exception on substance listing because ref.v_substance_in_brand does not have external_code_type_brand
FIX: exception when printing shutdown message and debugging enabled by previous exception but no log window
FIX: exception when shutting down backend listener because connection can already be closed
FIX: DOB could become today in certain corner cases when creating new person [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: check_drug_interactions() failed with FreeDIAMS [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: be more careful around changing CWD when creating document from LaTeX [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: exception when save-all'ing multiple notelets [thanks S.Reus, J.Busser]
FIX: exception when saving medication where is_long_term is true [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: faulty variable access when detecting OOo UNO bridge [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: fail on "allergy_state" placeholder when date-last-checked not available [thanks Marc]
FIX: fail to properly log non-ascii PostgreSQL messages on ASCII configured Pythons [thanks E.Kuznetsov]
FIX: faulty access to PG connection filedescriptor when polling for notifications [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: exception when aborting person creation while adding new staff [thanks Manuel]
FIX: def_country undefined when def_region not set
FIX: cannot reach some parts of the expanding SOAP control when typing "too much" [thanks J.Jaarsveld] (lp #583019)
FIX: Windows cannot differentiate os.system() exit status [thanks Panos]
FIX: exception when not selecting an episode but pressing [OK] after printing a letter
FIX: exception when template for medication list is not suitable [thanks wilfried.muenster]
FIX: exception when retrieving DDD for ATC in meds grid tooltip on less capable PG versions
FIX: exception on some data mining query types
IMPROVED: more robust acquiring of data from image sources
FIX: fail gracefully if cannot read MMI/Gelbe Liste data version file [thanks doogie]
FIX: faulty field access ['country'] when setting default country [thanks papis]
FIX: missing "s" after "%" in Italian translation [thanks papis]
FIX: missing "," in German translation
FIX: exception on mogrifying xsanerc file if no EOL seen [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: non-fatal exception on setting active patient from gmCurrentPatient instance [thanks rafmav]
FIX: don't use --override-schema-check in tarballed [thanks to J.Jaarsveld]
FIX: actually fail DB connect if we detect secondary problems with database [thanks to J.Jaarsveld]
FIX: don't fail in create_new_person when called from unsuccessful search [thanks to S.Reus]
FIX: don't fail when writing letter from template for which there's no engine [thanks Marc]
FIX: don't fail displaying if laterality of issue happens to be u'' [thanks S.Reus]
improved: better detection of unconfigured visual progress notes editor [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: better Python UNO OOo bridge detection [thanks Petr Mladek]
FIX: exception when signalling invalid -conf-file=... value [thanks to S.Reus]
FIX: some missing .decode()s on .strftime() [thanks to uy2qw from Ukraine]
FIX: moved, thus .local_base_dir different, hence .system_app_data_dir incorrect [thanks to S.Reus]
improved: removed spurious printk() when switching encounters
- new: manage diagnostic orgs
- new: manage date of death per patient
- new: manage discontinuation of substance intake
- new: turn substance intake entry into allergy
- new: hooks
- after_substance_intake_modified
- hook after_test_result_modified
- new: visual progress notes
- new: initial support for FreeDiams drug database frontend including install helper
- new: commandline option --ui=<web/wxp> with rudimentary CherryPy frontend
- new: show list of all configuration settings
- new: configurable web search for test type from test result edit area
- new: systemwide/user-level optional shutdown scripts invoked from /usr/bin/gnumed
- new: Centor/McIsaac-Score as keyword expansions
- new: man pages for backup scripts
- new: partial Catalan translation
- improved: login dialag:
- hint about local DB on failure
- do not show password ;-)
- improved: show allergies in substance intake edit area
- improved: warn on creating database users with empty passwords
- improved: default region/country for new-person creation
- improved: show lab name/contact details in measurement tooltip
- improved: always use new person creation rather than old
- improved: placeholders:
- name::*::*
- improved: various typos
- improved: do not fail if unable to show part when adding documents
- improved: cleaner/faster display of documents in tree, and sorted, eventually !
- improved: ARRIBA is now v2.0.4
- improved: using Git for SCM now
- improved: now directly under client/
- improved: startup size will never go beyond screen size/below 100x100 pixel
- improved: Dutch translation
- improved: use per-engine wildcards on form template selection
# rel-0-6-patches
FIX: properly deal with persons w/o a DOB in even more places
FIX: faulty tooltip on EMR tree items w/ no data to display
FIX: exception on reusing person ID type w/o issuer
FIX: fail gracefully if cannot read MMI/Gelbe Liste data version file [thanks doogie]
FIX: properly deal with persons w/o a DOB in more places [thanks "user"]
FIX: properly attribute James Busser, MD
FIX: do not fail on attempt to <delete> when no allergy entry selected
FIX: do not fail on tooltipping empty results/meds grids
FIX: fail less haphazardly on invalid dates in wx -> py conversion
FIX: WRONG most-recent result displayed in measurement type tooltip
FIX: missing .GetValue() on abnormality indicator PRW on updating a test result
FIX: exception on problem with any placeholder rather than continuing with a notice
FIX: work around one more bogus PyDeadObjectError exception
FIX: re-add pt_BR translation to release tarball
FIX: missing dependencies/faulty paths in
FIX: exception on adding health issue from GUI
FIX: several typos
- can promote an episode to being a health issue
- can add home phone/external ID to newly created patient directly
- can track diagnostic certainty classification (ABCD) on episodes and issues
- can track procedures performed on a patient
- can do end user friendly free-text search across all EMRs
- can move all progress notes of a pre-selected list of encounters to another episode
- can manage provinces
- can manage substance intake
- can print medication list
- can print LaTeX as well as OOo letters
- referral letter template contributed by Rogerio Luz and James Busser
- can interface with German "MMI/Gelbe Liste" external drug database
- show info on drug/substance by PZN / name
- show interactions
- import drugs/substances
- can display UI in Polish and others (partially)
- can include potential problems in problem list of soap plugin
- can remove DOB from person
- improved (more) placeholders
- gender to re placement mapper
- medication list
- allergies list
- problem list
- improved inbox
- improved tarballs: include schema/API docs, better names
- improved import path detection
# rel-0-5-patches
0.5.1 -> 0.5.2
FIX: obsolete LogException in
FIX: failure on adding patient to waiting list with no patient active
FIX: wx.K_* must be wx.WXK_*
NEW: better default size of encounter details editor
0.5.0 -> 0.5.1
FIX: be more careful when deleting measurement types - they could be in use
FIX: faulty access to "pk" column after creating measurement type from phrasewheel
FIX: missing "import os" in measurement widgets code
FIX: improved starting of new encounter from SOAP widget
NEW: install ARRIBA jar into /usr/local/bin
NEW: man page for gm-install_arriba
- can track hospital stays
- can group health issues by arbitrary grouping tag
- can display/edit *all* encounters of a patient in a list
- can move individual soap rows between encounters
- can delete progress notes
- can delete workplaces from GUI
- can show measurements encyclopedia from grid
- can manage measurement types
- can list meta measurement types
- can start external MI/stroke risk assessment calculator
- can install ARRIBA MI/stroke risk assessment calculator
- can download and import LOINC data
- can import ATC data
- can disconnect from database welcome message dialog
- can handle persons without DOB
- can display deceased person's age properly
- can remove persons from the database
- new/simpler placeholder style for OOo documents
- protection against %s-count mismatch in _()
- improved display of measurement types in grid
- improved sending of bug reports (log = attachment)
- improved new-patient dialog
- improved sorting of documents in formatted episode summary
- improved "About Database"/startup banner
- improved episode formatting
- has some revision info in EMR Journal view
- has built-in fallback workplace for problem situations
# rel-0-4-patches
0.4.6 -> 0.4.7
FIX: faulty get_selected_cells() in measurement grid
FIX: failed to properly check problem field in measurements edit area
FIX: missing ) on setting document type translation
0.4.5 -> 0.4.6
FIX: missing space in update-available message
FIX: search_for_document by type ID: fk_type must be pk_type
0.4.4 -> 0.4.5
FIX: _log.panic hiccuping on .conf files with malformed lists, should be _log.critical
FIX: on Python 2.6 __new__ doesn't like extra parameters anymore
0.4.3 -> 0.4.4
FIX: re-enable path sanity check that fell off when fixing Windows
FIX: properly backpatch "properly find last-but-one encounter for an episode or issue"
NEW: make recent notes in SOAP plugin copy-able for pasting
0.4.2 -> 0.4.3
NEW: enable removing RFE/AOE by emptying the encounter edit area field
FIX: properly format encounter times in tooltip in tree browser
FIX: properly find last-but-one encounter for an episode or issue
0.4.1 -> 0.4.2
FIX: add comment/example on adjusting PYTHONPATH if needed
0.4.0 -> 0.4.1
FIX: properly handle unmappable time zones
FIX: look for system wide app data in "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\gnumed"
- can show log file from client
- can merge patients
- can edit existing progress notes
- can access text expansion macros by start-of-keyword
- has new hook "after_new_doc_created"
- has minimum HIPAA compliance
- has waiting list
- has random access to plugins
- has screenshots on Linux include window decoration
- has local "installer" for tarball
# rel-0-3-patches
0.3.12 -> 0.3.13
FIX: properly handle unmappable time zones
0.3.11 -> 0.3.12
FIX: failure to properly render test tooltips in unicode
0.3.10 -> 0.3.11
FIX: failure to properly format() test results for display
0.3.9 -> 0.3.10
FIX: failure to delete comm channel
0.3.8 -> 0.3.9
NEW: better honour post-patient-activation-plugin
FIX: setting database language more than once
FIX: faulty logic in XML-RPC port detection
0.3.7 -> 0.3.8
FIX: missing gmI18N import in gmEMRStructItems
FIX: missing import of wx._core.PyDeadObjectError in gmDispatcher
0.3.6 -> 0.3.7
FIX: if a writable --conf-file was used the ignore language mismatch wasn't found
FIX: do not use dummy name record anymore, fixes name deletion
FIX: missing cfg = ... when exporting doc to disk
FIX: tame overzealous validation code so adding external ID types on the fly becomes possible again
FIX: do not announce new version twice in upgrade-availability message
FIX: fix misguided wording in upgrade-availability message
NEW: improve bug reporting for launchpad
NEW: confirmation dialog before deleting document from tree context menu
NEW: allow editing part comment in document part details dialog
0.3.5 -> 0.3.6
FIX: exception on non-ascii time zone name on Windows
0.3.5 -> 0.3.6
FIX: exception on missing .helpdesk when no backend profiles found
FIX: exception on empty DOB in new patient wizard
0.3.4 -> 0.3.5
FIX: reversed logic when detecting new versions
FIX: further SQL fixes to language setting issue
0.3.3 -> 0.3.4
NEW: fixup SQL script for language setting issue
0.3.2 -> 0.3.3
FIX: crash on Windows on bootstrapping on asking password with prompt containing "%s"
FIX: crash on trying to import document part due to readonly connection
FIX: crash on failure to set database language
FIX: crash on DOB "too early" for platform :-(
FIX: crash on very early failure when instantiating a cStaff object
FIX: crash on catching PyDeadObjectError which must be wx._core.PyDeadObjectError
FIX: crash on auto-setting encounter type for document-import-only encounters
FIX: failure to remember ignored database language mismatch
FIX: failure to one-step bootstrap databases when the authentication group was missing
NEW: improved EMR stats display: make clear that of total known problems only relevant ones are listed
NEW: improved EMR stats display: say "encounters" where "visits" was misleading
0.3.1 -> 0.3.2
FIX: crash on loading external patients if several config files define PRACSOFT source
FIX: crash on not finding any "previously used accounts" in config files
FIX: crash on accessing review status in document
FIX: crash when phrasewheel *thinks* there is a dropdown and receives <enter>
FIX: crash on __call__ing PyDeadObjects from dispatcher
NEW: fix encoding of so contributors have proper umlauts
NEW: do not at all handle DEL/BS in ResizingSTC to avoid weird cursor behaviour reported by user
NEW: annotate emailed bug reports to somewhat help Launchpad
0.3.0 -> 0.3.1
FIX: crash on creating patient letter due to local variable "desktop" typo
FIX: faulty handling of candidate paths in /usr/bin/gnumed
FIX: crash when explicitly setting up dummy file source (file=None in add_file_source)
FIX: error on finding profiles list in several sources - need to flatten option value
FIX: properly set source order and return policy on retrieving backend profile data
FIX: crash on double-clicking empty cell in test results grid
FIX: crash on double-clicking test result with non-NULL val_normal/target_min/max in results grid
FIX: crash on select-all-unsigned due to cell data beings lists now
FIX: crash on Windows' inability to properly do nothing when there's nothing to be done
FIX: crash on narrative update signal caught in EMR tree before tree populated
NEW: detect "no config file at all" and fail on that
NEW: actually act on not finding in /usr/bin/gnumed
# rel-0-2-8-patches
------------------------------------------------ ->
FIX: exception on empty DOB in new patient wizard ->
FIX: crash on Windows on bootstrapping on asking password with prompt containing "%s"
FIX: crash on trying to import document part due to readonly connection
FIX: crash due to "desk" -> "desktop" typo in ->
FIX: crash on HELP pressed in login window in non-english locale
FIX: crash on MacOSX due to <title> not having a default in OnSetTitle() in Manual HtmlWindow
FIX: crash on MacOSX due to missing .vals on Snellen Config Dialog
NEW: improved detection of writable user prefs file
NEW: improved wording on not finding a user prefs file
NEW: improved German ->
FIX: crash on non-existing state or country when adding new patient ->
FIX: crash on invalid input on tabbing out of year_noted in health issue edit area
FIX: crash on invalid input on tabbing out of age_noted in health issue edit area
FIX: crash on MacOSX on cancelling selecting patients from a list (busy cursor refcounting)
NEW: properly stat() hook script on Windows ->
FIX: crash on editing occupation
NEW: better detect missing TWAIN *and* XSane
NEW: Schriftkram -> Schriftverkehr ->
FIX: brown paper bag: uninitialized variable self.user_prefs_cfg_file ->
FIX: crash on adding new workplace
FIX: crash on --conf-file not writable for user prefs (live-cd)
FIX: crash on changing type on address due to missing s in %(type)s ->
FIX: crash (sometimes) on opening progress notes editor
FIX: crash on dragging documents onto part list box
NEW: Encoding deprecated in desktop files
NEW: work around python logging module bug on Windows
NEW: crash less often on faulty address data ->
FIX: crash on not being able to open korganizer2gnumed.csv file
FIX: crash on saving progress note from single editor for new episode
FIX: MacOSX: crash on Move*InTabOrder() across sizers in allergy manager
FIX: crash on trying to edit workplace w/o plugins configured already
FIX: crash on faulty profile name in preferences
NEW: on startup create ~/.gnumed/ if necessary ->
FIX: crash on writing OOo letter (.desk -> .desktop)
FIX: crash on faulty references to 'first'/'last' instead of 'firstnames'/'lastnames'
FIX: crash on non-existent IFAP transfer directory
FIX: crash on configuring IFAP startup command ('workpace' typo)
FIX: crash on use of wxDebug window after application shutdown ->
FIX: crash on setting Windows SetFocus() on dialogs in gm_show_*()
FIX: crash on passing identity to cDTO_Person.import_extra_data()
FIX: failure on PG server version checking on MacOSX (bootstrapper)
FIX: crash on MacOSX after clicking OK in Snellen config dialog
FIX: crash on missing slave personality
NEW: do not crash on not being able to write to the config file
NEW: touch user config file so it exists when needed
# rel-0-2-7-patches
------------------------------------------------ ->
FIX: failure on setting db logon message to ''
FIX: work around PG 8.1 lower('Ö') = '' !
NEW: give OOo a bit more time to startup ->
FIX: failure to save new episode w/o rfe/aoe because episode name is empty
FIX: faulty path for user-local startup script
FIX: crash on right-clicking empty provider inbox
FIX: crash on right-clicking notebook tabs
FIX: crash on shutdown
FIX: failure to detect succeeding connection to enslaved client
FIX: faulty variable access resulting in match_type not being displayed on patient searches
FIX: remove only older-than-a-week empty encounters such that encounters open
on other machines are not deleted from under them
FIX: missing cast to ::text in dem.date_trunc_utc() calls
# database
# gnumed_v23
NEW: add list position to export items
NEW: add intake regimen support
IMPROVED: bootstrap script permissions warning
IMRPOVED: clin.v_narrative4search: add some demographics (port from 1.8.6)
FIX: PG14 does not support IS OF anymore, use pg_typeof()
# gnumed_v22
IMPROVED: bootstrapper: check disk space
FIX: check encounter lock in clin.remove_old_empty_encounters()
FIX: message inbox view
FIX: bootstrapper exception calling capture_conn_state()
IMPROVED: bootstrapper logging
IMPROVED: robustify backup script
FIX: i18n.set_curr/force_curr_lang(), again [thanks lucian]
IMPROVED: database fixup script
FIX: clin.v_candidate_diagnoses: missing coalesce()
FIX: i18n.set_curr/force_curr_lang() [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: lab results plotting scripts for gnuplot
IMPROVED: bills tables grants for invoice ID generation
NEW: multi-results plotting script for gnuplot
FIX: properly include fixups in v21-v22 upgrade
IMPROVED: database backup script
FIX: LaTeX-Template for Begleitbrief
FIX: 2nd/3rd level placeholders in LaTeX templates
FIX: dem.staff plausibility check [thanks Marc]
FIX: LaTeX-Template for Begleitbrief
IMPROVED: concurrency robustness of backup/restore scripts
NEW: revalidate constraints during database upgrade
NEW: deprecate gm-backup_* in favor of gm-backup
NEW: deprecate gm-restore_* in favor of gm-restore
IMPROVED: staging._journal_without_suppressed_hints -> clin._v_emr_journal_without_suppressed_hints
IMPROVED: safer backup scripts
IMPROVED: don't fail clin.remove_old_empty_encounters() but return FALSE on <2 encounters
IMPROVED: substance abuse entries can have arbitrary .discontinued
IMPROVED: rework vaccine/vaccination tables/views
IMPROVED: turn unique identity assertion into deferred constraint trigger
IMPROVED: allow empty and comment lines in schema change file list definitions
IMPROVED: bootstrapper error logging
IMPROVED: revive pg_upgrade helper
FIX: constrain clin.clin_root_item.soap_cat CHECK to lower case
# gnumed_v21
FIX: typo in fingerprint script man page [thanks Debian]
FIX: failure to recreate functions changing return type on upgrade
FIX: handle SQL_INHERITANCE in a way compatible with PG10
FIX: untyped UNIONs not tolerated by PG10 anymore
FIX: RETURNS UNKNOWN functions not tolerated by PG10 anymore
IMPROVED: script to adjust db settings
IMPROVED: logging on dem.identity/dem.names uniqueness violation
FIX: remove no longer needed public.array_agg
IMPROVED: backup scripts error checking
FIX: serialization failures due to table mod announcement triggers
FIX: reset upper case soap cats to lower case
FIX: clin.get_hints_for_patient()
FIX: GRANTs on demographics views [thanks Marc]
NEW: implement commenting out of plausibility checks
IMPROVED: run all plausibility checks even if any fail
IMPROVED: more resilience against malformed plausibility checks
FIX: inaccurate dem.v_staff plausibility check [thanks Marc]
NEW: require PG 9.2 because of pg_trigger_depth()
NEW: dem.v_basic_person -> dem.v_active_persons
NEW: prevent deletion of staff records that are in use
NEW: smoking support in clin.patient
NEW: constraints on audit trail to be in the past
NEW: check for track_commit_timestamp on PG > 9.5
NEW: chunked md5() for large objects
NEW: backup/restore scripts based on directory format
IMPROVED: database restore default configuration
IMPROVED: more resilient backups
IMPROVED: all input files now utf8 ( Py3 preps)
IMPROVED: dem.state -> dem.region
IMPROVED: dem.urb.id_state -> dem.urb.fk_region
FIX: pg_trgm placement and use
FIX: trigger on clin.procedure normalizing .is_ongoing
# gnumed_v20
FIX: better REINDEXing before upgrade [thanks Jim]
FIX: clin.procedure.is_ongoing=FALSE IF clin.procedure.clin_end < now() [thanks pg_upgrade]
FIX: pg_trgm placement and use
FIX: clin.substance_intake.fk_episode SET NOT NULL
FIX: setting FK to clin.test_org on dangling test types, really, this time
FIX: setting of FK to clin.test_org on dangling test types
IMPROVED: database restore script [thanks Jim]
IMPROVED: set clin.encounter.fk_location NOT NULL
IMPROVED: set clin.test_type.fk_test_org NOT NULL
IMPROVED: get rid of old-style schema notification
IMPROVED: database docs now per schema
IMRPOVED: auto-generation of episode/encounter FK sanity check triggers
IMPROVED: clin.test_type.conversion_unit -> *.reference_unit
NEW: clin.external_care
NEW: clin.patient
NEW: bootstrapper now REINDEXes after upgrade
# gnumed_v19
FIX: pg_trgm placement and use
IMPROVED: sorting of bill item PKs in bills view [thanks Marc]
FIX: overly eager INNER JOIN of dem.v_praxis_branch
FIX: overly eager INNER JOINs of dem.v_orgs/dem.v_org_units [thanks Jim]
FIX: do not reuse tx after failure of "ignore_checksum_failure" on PG < 9.3
IMPROVED: more robust pg_trgm installation
IMPROVED: add some indices to
IMPROVED: faster view for praxis branches
IMPROVED: add pg_trgm extension
IMPROVED: speed of dem.v_org_units
FIX: to work from non-CWD [thanks Marc]
FIX: typo in clin.procedure.fk_org_unit normalizer
IMPROVED: various database object comments
IMPROVED: normalization of (clin.procedure/clin.hospital_stay).fk_org_unit
FIX: dem.lnk_org_unit2ext_id.fk_org_unit definition
FIX: make unique on description
FIX: normalization of (clin.procedure/clin.hospital_stay).fk_org_unit
IMPROVED: require existence of at least one org unit in v18
IMPROVED: clin.v_pat_encounters wants coalesce() around praxis location
Requires PostgreSQL 9.1 !
FIX: disable faulty clin-encounter.sql in v4 -> v5
NEW: view changes for Jerzy's plugins
NEW: support data checksums with PG 9.3
IMPROVED: much simplified table mod announcement signal
IMPROVED: include FKs in schema version check
IMPROVED: remove .ddd/.unit from ref.atc
IMPROVED: EMR entry on deleting a document
# gnumed_v18
FIX: typo in clin.trf_notify_reviewer_of_review_change()
FIX: ensure FKs on .fk_encounter/.fk_episode on clin.clin_root_item children
FIX: clin_root_item_soap_cat check needs dropping
FIX: missing constraint clin.encounter.started <= clin.encounter.last_affirmed
FIX: faulty bill.trf_prevent_empty_bills [thanks S.Urbanek]
FIX: fake .due_/.expiry_date must be TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE (not DATE)
FIX: faultily quoted DB translations/translation exporter
FIX: adjust dynamic text expansions to new HINT detection format
IMPROVED: French DB translations
FIX: gm-doctors must be member of gm-public
FIX: exception dumping schema revision history of early DB versions [thanks Š.Laczi]
IMPROVED: bootstrapper now checks gm.schema_revision AND public.gm_schema_revision
IMRPOVED: add missing PKs to cfg.cfg_* tables for Bucardo use [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: include PK columns in schema version check
# gnumed_v17
FIX: old installs may have clin_root_item_soap_cat which needs dropping
FIX: senior installations might have clin_narrative_soap_cat_check [thanks M.Angermann]
FIX: very senior installations might have duplicate blobs.doc_obj.fk_doc FK defs
IMPROVED: extend range of guard against all-zero substance amount fractions
FIX: add report to find wrongly assigned invoices [thanks M.Angermann]
FIX: add trigger to prevent linking of invoices and bills of different patients
FIX: guard against all-zero fractions on consumable substance amounts [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: incorrect auditing setup of ref.billable [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: prevent bills w/o items [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: warn on upgrade if target DB exists [thanks V.Banait]
FIX: insufficient waiting time formatting [thanks J.Busser]
NEW: allow "*u*nspecified" in clin.clin_root_item/clin_narrative/soap_cat_ranks.soap_cat
NEW: i18n.untranslate()
IMPROVED: await <ENTER> before "exit 1" in bootstrap shell scripts [thanks Andreas]
IMRPOVED: gm.log_script_insertion() now logs script name in gm.access_log
IMPROVED: prevent active name from being deleted/deactivated at DB level
IMPROVED: constraints on i18n.translations
# gnumed_v16
FIX: very senior installations might have duplicate blobs.doc_obj.fk_doc FK defs
FIX: insufficient waiting time formatting [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: add Russian DB string translations [thanks anon]
FIX: remove faulty i18n-fixup ("generic" tx target doesn't work as expected) [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: robustify log directory setting in bootstrapper scripts [thanks S.Hilbert]
FIX: inability to store document descriptions > 1/3 of a PG buffer page [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: make i18n._() check language "generic" before returning untranslated string
FIX: failure to create gm-staff group role when bootstrapping in a virgin PostgreSQL [thanks Debian]
IMPROVED: robustify GNUmed related PostgreSQL roles management
FIX: properly export GM_LOG_BASE in scripts [thanks Debian]
FIX: add back clin.v_narrative4search [thanks J.Busser]
FIX: remove stray ";" from org contact numbers report SQL [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: do not log now-invalid RCS metadata anymore during bootstrapping
IMPROVED: docs for Debian's pg_upgrade helper script
IMPROVED: backup script and config file comments [thanks J.Busser]
IMPROVED: restore script: properly set data file permissions [thanks S.Reus]
IMPROVED: restore script: use "-o pipefail" to detect complex pipe failures
IMPROVED: database fingerprinter can now dump schema structure, too
IMPROVED: restore script: make sure <postgres> can access work dir sub dir
NEW: clin.remove_old_empty_encounters()
NEW: dem.remove_person(integer)
NEW: several medication related data packs [thanks J.Busser]
NEW: add database schema fingerprint logs to server files
# gnumed_v15
FIX: clin.trf_sanity_check_enc_vs_issue_on_epi() [thanks S.Reus]
FIX: trf_do_not_substance_if_taken_by_patient() on ref.consumable_substance
FIX: cannot restore --single-transaction because CREATE DATABASE does not transact [thanks S.Reus]
IMPROVED: better commenting of informative messages in -roles.sql
FIX: faulty quoting in database backup scripts using "su -c" [thanks Marc]
IMPROVED: add list of consumable substances [thanks vbanait]
FIX: unjudicious use of "set -e" creates more problems than it solves
IMPROVED: upgrader now checks whether template database exists [thanks A.Tille]
IMPROVED: upgrader now fails when backup before upgrade fails [thanks A.Tille]
NEW: script to fingerprint GNUmed databases
NEW: script to dump schema and roles for database debugging
IMPROVED: bootstrapper now detects commented out authentication directive [thanks Vid]
FIX: quoting in script to set gm-dbo password [thanks]
# gnumed_v14
14.4 -> 14.5
FIX: no more regex_flavor in PostgreSQL 9.0 (gm-adjust_db_settings)
IMPROVED: gm-restore_database
14.3 -> 14.4
FIX: bootstrapping: properly drop constraints on gm.notifying_tables during v9 -> v10
14.2 -> 14.3
FIX: check for vaccination dupes looking at all patients rather than the relevant one only
14.0 -> 14.1
NEW: auto-include fixups for missing array functionality on PG 8.3, needed for conversion to v14
NEW: gm-set_gm-dbo_passowrd
FIX: during upgrade nullify empty clin.health_issue.laterality
FIX: properly use pg_dump: no more -d DATABASE [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: bootstrapper now better detects utf8 ctype
IMPROVED: boostrap-latest: check for any previous version since all of them would be dropped [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: try to make su compatible with both MacOSX and Linux
# gnumed_v13
13.7 -> 13.11
FIX: PG 9.0 uses different constraint name on gm.notifying_tables
13.6 -> 13.7
NEW: improved detection of unicode support in server encoding
NEW: work around os.getcwd() permission problem on Mac
FIX: even more robust unicode logging [thanks E.Kuznetsov]
13.5 -> 13.6
FIX: SQL: v9 -> v10 drop on view missed "view" keyword [thanks E.Kuznetsov]
FIX: SQL: v9 -> v10 translation INSERT missed ";" [thanks E.Kuznetsov]
FIX: more robust unicode logging [thanks E.Kuznetsov]
13.0 -> 13.5
NEW: translate some Dutch demographics
FIX: Windows bootstrapping batch file
FIX: teleport logging into the wonderful world of unicode [thanks Dmitry]
# gnumed_v12
NEW: bootstrapper: soft-sanity check pg_hba.conf for authentication directive and give advice if not found
# gnumed_v11
11.0 -> 11.1
FIX: SQL: add missing view clin.v_narrative4search
# gnumed_v10
10.7 -> 10.8
FIX: SQL: review invalidation trigger on result change
10.6 -> 10.7
No changes.
10.5 -> 10.6
No changes.
10.4 -> 10.5
FIX: SQL: dem.identity.dob trigger indiscriminately applied UTC to all incoming DOBs
10.3 -> 10.4
FIX: SQL: delete_document: .date is now .clin_when
NEW: bootstrapper: add commented out password option for postgres for Windows guidance
NEW: maintenance: DB backup script checks for DB existence
NEW: maintenance: do not run DB backup script if DB name set empty
10.2 -> 10.3
FIX: maintenance: make DB backup script actually do something
10.1 -> 10.2
FIX: SQL: clin.v_pat_allergy_state_journal missed data due to unintended use of coalesce()
FIX: SQL: fix sync of clin.allergy_state with clin.allergy on saving the first allergy for a patient
10.0 -> 10.1
NEW: bootstrapper: do not ask for gm-dbo pwd if the user exists
NEW: bootstrapper: ensure gm-dbo has createdb createrole
# gnumed_v9
9.1 -> 9.2
FIX: SQL: fix delete_document(): explicitly delete document parts
NEW: bootstrapper: do not assume '' as password if none supplied and not interactive
NEW: bootstrapper: accept UTF8, too, not just UTF-8
9.0 -> 9.1
FIX: SQL: failure to properly handle i18n in the backend: fixup SQL script
FIX: SQL: very old databases had $1 instead of "reviewed_test_results_fk_reviewed_row_fkey"
# gnumed_v8
FIX: failure to drop old check constraints with 8.1 names in clin.soap_cat_ranks
FIX: failure to delete document if seq_idx is NULL
FIX: exception on lang being null in i18n.upd_tx
FIX: exception in trigger function on deleting allergy
# gnumed_v7
FIX: remove begin/commit from SQL scripts to allow bootstrapping v2-v3 to work
FIX: failure to import data set upgrade scripts on Windows
NEW: actually expect target version v7
NEW: be permissive about missing "data import scripts" option