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Removing the `parent` method on Zipper, doesn't seem to be used

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1 parent 2b38bcd commit 9338efb0347358c64f470a02c838ceaaef595998 @ncreep committed Dec 13, 2011
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  1. +3 −7 src/main/scala/com/codecommit/antixml/zipper/Zipper.scala
@@ -127,19 +127,15 @@ trait Zipper[+A <: Node] extends Group[A]
with ZipperHoleShifting
with ZipperAxes { self =>
- /**
- * Returns the original group that was selected upon when the Zipper was created. A value of `None` indicates that
+ /** The zipper context or None if this is a broken zipper.
+ * A value of `None` indicates that
* the Zipper has no parent and `unselect` cannot be called. This possibility is an unfortunate consequence of the
* fact that some operations must return the static type of Zipper even though they yield no usable context.
* In practice, this situation is usually caused by one of the following operations:
* - A non-Zipper group is selected upon and then 'unselect' is used to generate an updated group.
* - A method such as `++`, is used to "add" nodes to a zipper without replacing existing nodes.
- *
- **/
- def parent: Option[Zipper[Node]] = context map {_.parent}
- /** The zipper context or None if this is a broken zipper. */
+ */
private[antixml] val context: Option[Context]

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