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SSH Auditor


ssh-auditor will automatically:

  • Re-check all known hosts as new credentials are added. It will only check the new credentials.
  • Queue a full credential scan on any new host discovered.
  • Queue a full credential scan on any known host whose ssh version or key fingerprint changes.
  • Attempt command execution as well as attempt to tunnel a TCP connection.
  • Re-check each credential using a per credential scan_interval - default 14 days.

It's designed so that you can run ssh-auditor discover + ssh-auditor scan from cron every hour to to perform a constant audit.


Earlier demo showing all of the features


Demo showing improved log output




$ brew install go # or however you want to install the go compiler
$ go get

or Build from a git clone

$ go build

Build a static binary including sqlite

$ make static

Ensure you can use enough file descriptors

$ ulimit -n 4096

Create initial database and discover ssh servers

$ ./ssh-auditor discover -p 22 -p 2222

Add credential pairs to check

$ ./ssh-auditor addcredential root root
$ ./ssh-auditor addcredential admin admin
$ ./ssh-auditor addcredential guest guest --scan-interval 1 #check this once per day

Try credentials against discovered hosts

$ ./ssh-auditor scan

Output a report on what credentials worked

$ ./ssh-auditor vuln

RE-Check credentials that worked

$ ./ssh-auditor rescan

Output a report on duplicate key usage

$ ./ssh-auditor dupes


  • update the 'host changes' table
  • handle false positives from devices that don't use ssh password authentication but instead use the shell to do it.
  • variable re-check times - each credential has a scan_interval in days
  • better support non-standard ports - discover is the only thing that needs to be updated, the rest doesn't care.
  • possibly daemonize and add an api that bro could hook into to kick off a discover as soon as a new SSH server is detected.
  • make the store pluggable (mysql, postgresql).
  • differentiate between a failed password attempt and a failed connection or timeout. Mostly done. Things like fail2ban complicate this.
  • add go implementations for the report sqlite3 command.

Report query.

This query that ssh-auditor vuln runs is

        hc.hostport, hc.user, hc.password, hc.result, hc.last_tested, h.version
        host_creds hc, hosts h
        h.hostport = hc.hostport
 and    result!='' order by last_tested asc