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NCSU Landscape Dynamics Group


  1. Urban growth model designed to capture the spatial structure of future development

    C 17 12

  2. rpops Public

    PoPS (Pest or Pathogen Spread) R Package

    R 5 5

  3. PoPS-Global Public

    A hierarchical model for global plant insect and pathogen spread via human movement

    Jupyter Notebook 3

  4. popsborder Public

    PoPS Border: Simulation of contaminated consignments and their inspections

    Python 2 1

  5. r.pops.spread - PoPS model implemented as a GRASS GIS module

    C++ 4

  6. pops-core Public

    PoPS Core: C++ library for the Pest or Pathogen Spread Model

    C++ 4


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