NC State University WRAP Authentication plugin for Wordpress 3.x
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This is a plugin for Wordpress 3.0+ to allow for authentication to North Carolina
State University's WRAP authentication mechanism.

Created By
Plugin provided by NC State Univeristy Office of Information Technology

Outreach Technology

Installation Instructions

1:  Download the latest release (not actual project code) from the github page
    located at:
2:  Extract folder "ncstate-wrap-authentication" into your Wordpress plugin
    directory, typically located in /wp-content/plugins.  If your Wordpress
    installation allows plugins to be installed via a zip file, you can do that
    as well by clicking on "Plugins" -> "Add New" -> "Upload" and upload the
    zip file."

    NOTE:  This only works if you download the pre-packaged zip file from
    github.  If you download the source directly, uploading that zip file will
    not work correctly.  Essentially, you need to ensure that the
    /wp-content/plugins/ncstate-wrap-authentication directory exists and put the
    contents of the download in the folder.
2:  Copy the _files/.htaccess file distributed with the plugin into your base
    Wordpress directory.  If you already have an .htaccess file in your base
    Wordpress directory, append the contents of the distributed .htaccess file
    to the exisitng one.
3:  Log into the admin section of your Wordpress site, typically at 
4:  Click on "Plugins."

5:  You should have a plugin called "NC State WRAP Authentication" in your
    plugin list.  Click the "Activate" link under it.
6:  If the username you logged into Wordpress with does not match your Unity ID,
    you should create yourself a user that matches and grant it admin permissions.
    You can do that by clicking the "Users" link and then the "Add New" link.  Be
    sure to give the user the role of "Administrator" otherwise your account will
    not be able to administrate your wordpress instance.
7:  The plugin gives you the ability to create users in Wordpress (if they don't
    already exist) when they log in with WRAP.  By default this is turned off,
    but you can change this option by going under the "Settings" link and then
    clicking on "WRAP Authentication".
8:  At this point, you should be ready to go.  My suggestion is to log in to your
    new Wordpress unity-id-matching account from another browser to test to make 
    sure you get redirected to WRAP and that your account matching your Unity ID 
    can log in successfully.

Information on NC State's WRAP Authentication

Known Limitations

This plugin requires a valid NC State Username/Password.

This plugin, when enabled, will deny access via XML-RPC.  This means that
editing from external sources such as native iOS devices will not work.