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#OT Framework#

OT Framework is an application framework built on top of Zend Framework 1. The purpose of Zend Framework is to allow a rapid application framework that takes care of certain tasks that are the same for every app.

Features include:

  • Authentication via local account and NC State's WRAP service (
  • Dynamic and editable access control lists
  • User management with multi-role assignment
  • CSS and Javascript autoloading
  • Cronjob management and execution
  • Built-in API interface with key-based authentication
  • Application trigger interface for sending customized emails, texts, notifications, etc.
  • Custom fields for model objects
  • Navigation editor
  • Application configuration system
  • Centralized caching
  • Centralized logging
  • Database migration system for versioned databases
  • Database backup system
  • Utility library for common tasks

##Creating an OTF App##

There is a base skeleton app available for you to get started. It is available at and can be installed in one step via composer.

You should not start building your app from this git repo!! Using the skeleton app is the preferred method to starting a project built on OTF. Composer will also be the avenue for future OT Framework updates.