Documentation for National Central University API
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Documentation for National Central University API

Root URL


Before you making any API calls, you have to register a client at OAuth Management first. There are two situations to use our API:

  • Access resources that contains personal information :
    1. Follow the OAuth 2.0 protocol to get an access token, see documentation.
    2. Read the documentation to use access token.
  • Access resources without personal information :
    1. Get an api token from OAuth Management.
    2. Read the documentation to use api token.


Some NCU APIs are bilingual(zh-TW, en-US) and default to zh-TW. Use Accept-Language header to specify your language.


All strings are encoded in UTF-8.














Error Status Code

HTTP Status Code Description
400 invalid body or parameter.
401 access a protected resource with an invalid token.
403 access a protected resource with an token from invalid client.
404 resource not found.
405 invalid request method
500 internal server error.


If you have any problems, please file a issue or just send us pull requests. Any pull requests submitted to master branch are not allowed, please submit to develop branch. It would be appreciated that with brief descriptions and some unit tests to proof.

Format Reference

The format of this document refer to Documentation for University of Waterloo API.


MIT License Copyright © 2015-2015 Computer Center, National Central University