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// Package mockobject provides a mock object which can be created from a string
package mockobject
import (
var errNotImpl = errors.New("not implemented")
// Object is a mock fs.Object useful for testing
type Object string
// New returns mock fs.Object useful for testing
func New(name string) Object {
return Object(name)
// String returns a description of the Object
func (o Object) String() string {
return string(o)
// Fs returns read only access to the Fs that this object is part of
func (o Object) Fs() fs.Info {
return nil
// Remote returns the remote path
func (o Object) Remote() string {
return string(o)
// Hash returns the selected checksum of the file
// If no checksum is available it returns ""
func (o Object) Hash(ctx context.Context, t hash.Type) (string, error) {
return "", errNotImpl
// ModTime returns the modification date of the file
// It should return a best guess if one isn't available
func (o Object) ModTime(ctx context.Context) (t time.Time) {
return t
// Size returns the size of the file
func (o Object) Size() int64 { return 0 }
// Storable says whether this object can be stored
func (o Object) Storable() bool {
return true
// SetModTime sets the metadata on the object to set the modification date
func (o Object) SetModTime(ctx context.Context, t time.Time) error {
return errNotImpl
// Open opens the file for read. Call Close() on the returned io.ReadCloser
func (o Object) Open(ctx context.Context, options ...fs.OpenOption) (io.ReadCloser, error) {
return nil, errNotImpl
// Update in to the object with the modTime given of the given size
func (o Object) Update(ctx context.Context, in io.Reader, src fs.ObjectInfo, options ...fs.OpenOption) error {
return errNotImpl
// Remove this object
func (o Object) Remove(ctx context.Context) error {
return errNotImpl
// SeekMode specifies the optional Seek interface for the ReadCloser returned by Open
type SeekMode int
const (
// SeekModeNone specifies no seek interface
SeekModeNone SeekMode = iota
// SeekModeRegular specifies the regular io.Seek interface
// SeekModeRange specifies the fs.RangeSeek interface
// SeekModes contains all valid SeekMode's
var SeekModes = []SeekMode{SeekModeNone, SeekModeRegular, SeekModeRange}
type contentMockObject struct {
content []byte
seekMode SeekMode
// WithContent returns a fs.Object with the given content.
func (o Object) WithContent(content []byte, mode SeekMode) fs.Object {
return &contentMockObject{
Object: o,
content: content,
seekMode: mode,
func (o *contentMockObject) Open(ctx context.Context, options ...fs.OpenOption) (io.ReadCloser, error) {
var offset, limit int64 = 0, -1
for _, option := range options {
switch x := option.(type) {
case *fs.SeekOption:
offset = x.Offset
case *fs.RangeOption:
offset, limit = x.Decode(o.Size())
if option.Mandatory() {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("Unsupported mandatory option: %v", option)
if limit == -1 || offset+limit > o.Size() {
limit = o.Size() - offset
var r *bytes.Reader
if o.seekMode == SeekModeNone {
r = bytes.NewReader(o.content[offset : offset+limit])
} else {
r = bytes.NewReader(o.content)
_, err := r.Seek(offset, io.SeekStart)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
switch o.seekMode {
case SeekModeNone:
return &readCloser{r}, nil
case SeekModeRegular:
return &readSeekCloser{r}, nil
case SeekModeRange:
return &readRangeSeekCloser{r}, nil
return nil, errors.New(o.seekMode.String())
func (o *contentMockObject) Size() int64 {
return int64(len(o.content))
type readCloser struct{ io.Reader }
func (r *readCloser) Close() error { return nil }
type readSeekCloser struct{ io.ReadSeeker }
func (r *readSeekCloser) Close() error { return nil }
type readRangeSeekCloser struct{ io.ReadSeeker }
func (r *readRangeSeekCloser) RangeSeek(offset int64, whence int, length int64) (int64, error) {
return r.ReadSeeker.Seek(offset, whence)
func (r *readRangeSeekCloser) Close() error { return nil }
func (m SeekMode) String() string {
switch m {
case SeekModeNone:
return "SeekModeNone"
case SeekModeRegular:
return "SeekModeRegular"
case SeekModeRange:
return "SeekModeRange"
return fmt.Sprintf("SeekModeInvalid(%d)", m)
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