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Startup guide for spncci
Anna E. McCoy and Mark A. Caprio
University of Notre Dame
+ 6/5/17 (mac): Created.
1) You will need to have cloned the following repositories (for
spncci, lsu3shell, and mcscript):
git clone --recursive
git clone git:// lsu3shell --branch LSU3develop
git clone
2) For basic installation of these projects, please see the following
instruction files:
- spncci/config/ndconfig/install.txt: instructions on building
the spncci project (these are generic instructions which apply to
several ND Nuclear Theory projects)
- spncci/config/lsu3shell/lsu3shell-install.txt: instructions on
building the lsu3shell project (these instructions are oriented
towards installing lsu3shell for use in conjunction with spncci)
- mcscript/install.txt: instructions on setting up the mcscript
scripting system (be sure to work through the examples outlined in
those instructions before proceeding, since you will need that
background in order to understand the spncci run scripts)
3) You will need to configure some environment variables for spncci.
Please see the instructions at the start of:
4) Work through the basic example runs in spncci/script (see the
instructions at the start of each script file):
Tips and tricks:
- The spncci makefile defines a special target "make base", which
builds only the production codes, not the test codes. This is
faster than "make all".