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Project Instructions.pdf

Functional Safety of a Lane Assistance System

Your job will be to create functional safety documents based on what you learned in the lessons. These documents are simplified versions of what a functional safety manager would create as part of a safety case. A safety case is a collection of documents proving that a project has made a vehicle safer.

Description of Repo Files

This repo contains all the files to complete the car nanodegree functional safety project. We are also providing the same files in a google drive folder. Here is the link to the Google Drive folder: Link to templates

The repo contains a PDF file called Project_Instructions.pdf. This document gives information about how to approach the project and what is expected. You'll also see a project template folder. There are five files in the folder. You should use these templates to develop your solution:

  • 01_SafetyPlan_LaneAssistance.doc

  • 02_HazardAnalysisAndRiskAssessment.xlsx

  • 03_FunctionalSafetyConcept_LaneAssistance.doc

  • 04_TechnicalSafetyConcept_LaneAssistance.doc

  • 05_SoftwareRequirementsAndArchitecture_LaneAssistance.doc

You will need to fill out all five of these documents in order to meet specifications.

The repo also contains an Architecture_Diagrams folder containing visuals that you will need to complete the reports. These visuals are in no particular order, and you will decide in which document or documents they belong.

Project Rubric

You can find the project rubric in the classroom.


To complete the project, you will need a word processor and spreadsheet software.

If you do not have word processing software on your local computer, we suggest using Google Drive or Microsoft Office in the Cloud. Both of these services are free.

There are also open source word processors such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice.


For your project submission, please export your work into pdf files. This will ensure that reviewers can review your work no matter what word processing and spreadsheet software you used.

How to write a README

A well written README file can enhance your project and portfolio. Develop your abilities to create professional README files by completing this free course.