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Boost.Python interface for NumPy; in preparation for eventual proposal to Boost (manual mirror of Boost Sandbox SVN)
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Boost.NumPy is an extension for Boost.Python that adds NumPy support.

It is intended as a replacement for the old numeric support in
Boost.Python proper, which is now out-of-date and does not support
C/C++ pointer access to the data.  Because it builds against the NumPy
headers and hence has a dependency that Boost.Python does not, it is
intended to be built as a separate library.  This is also not intended
to be a high-level C++ array library; it would be more accurate to
consider it a C++ NumPy API, with the intent of making the NumPy C-API
available in a form that is safer and more convenient for C++ users
(and particularly those using Boost.Python, of course).


...we're just calling it Boost.NumPy right now because that clearly
indicates that it's for Boost.Python and NumPy.  We do intend to
propose it for inclusion in Boost eventually.


We have provided three build systems: Boost.Build, SCons, and CMake
build system.  At the moment, we recommend using SCons or CMake on
Linux and CMake on Windows.

Building with SCons should be as simple as running "scons" and "scons
install", but you may need to use the "--with-boost*" options (see
"scons --help") to specify where to find Boost.  The Python that is
used by SCons will be the one built against. Additionally, the
SConsChecks submodule must be initialized by git before building
by running

    git submodule update --init

Please see libs/numpy/doc/cmakeBuild.rst for more information on
building with CMake.


More documentation on how to use the library can be found in
libs/numpy/doc, but it may be most useful to start with the
examples in libs/numpy/examples.  The headers files are also
well documented and are intended to serve as a reference.


Please create an issue on the GitHub site at:


Please send email questions to:

...but I would prefer bug reports and feature requests to go to
the GitHub issues list (see above).


The vast majority of development has happened on Linux/g++, and while
we have taken some steps to support MacOS/clang, there hasn't been
much testing.  There has been no testing on Windows, though we have
no reason to believe anything we've done won't work on Windows.

In short, we'd really love to have some testing on additional platforms,
especially from people who know their way around SCons, NumPy, or


Boost.NumPy was originally written by Jim Bosch as part of the
"ndarray" C++ library, then reorganized into a standalone component,
cleaned up, and documented as part of a Boost-sponsored
Google Summer of Code by Ankit Daftery, mentored by Stefan Seefeld.
Philip Miller contributed the CMake build system.

The project is hosted both on the Boost Sandbox:

and on GitHub:
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