Researching what happens to your uploaded media.
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The Compression Project

This project was spawned by a minor series of tweets about the opaque and seemingly arbitrary compression of uploaded media.

Ideally, this will encourage people to always save copies of their own media before uploading them, and for sites to be transparent about how and when they compress users’ uploads.

The easiest approach would be either a compression.txt similar to robots.txt or something in a more standardized format like compression.json or .yml.


To update _data/sites.yml, click Edit on it (or this link).

If you don’t know how the YAML syntax works, just open an issue instead.

The mandatory fields to include are currently

field type
name str
source [str]
confirmed bool
updated date

All supported fields can be found in the schema file,

I have no idea which fields I will end up using, so by all means let me know what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Future sites

If you have a suggestion for a site to include, submit it for _data/todo.yml just as you would sites.yml.