Open climate data collection, from dataset to data visualization
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Open Climate

This is my collection of valuable climate data that I've used for some work.

It has everything from the original dataset to my R code to my data visualizations.


  1. Install editor: download RStudio
  2. Install packages: install.packages("tidyverse", "ggthemes")



Original piece GitHub folder
Extreme Weather and Climate Change extreme-weather-and-climate-change

reading structure

Taken from my reading blog posts and ordered for reuse, learning, teaching, and reproducibility:

  • R code: code.R
  • Dataset: data/*
  • Data visualization:
    • Main plots: plot.png, plot.large.png, plot.small.png
    • Aside plots: foo.png, foo.large.png, foo.small.png

The folder structure for these folders are reading/<post>/<subfolder>/* with the above files.

R style

  • Indentation is two spaces
  • Break lines longer than 78
  • Double quotes

Image sizes

  • Large: 800✖600
  • Small: 457✖...
    • (Resized to 457✖, my blog width)

They might be resized differently, but only as exceptions.