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A modern alternative to ancient forum CMSes like vBulletin and PHPBB in Python on Django. (Alpha stage.) (NB: dotCloud have since removed their free Sandbox tier.)
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Pony Forum on dotCloud

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The forum on laptop

The forum on an iPhone in landscape mode

The forum on an iPhone in portrait mode

Pony Forum is a forum (also known as a bulletin board) written in Python for the Django framework. It is intended as a replacement of the decade-old forums like vBulletin, PHPBB, etc.---and a free one easy to deploy at that.

Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Requirements
  3. Compatibility
  4. Installation
  5. License


Pony Forum features such niceties as:

  • Installed in few easy steps on dotCloud
  • Written in Python and uses the popular Django framework
  • Mobile CSS that adapts the layout to your iPhone
  • A redesigned, mobile-friendly admin interface
  • Experimental dyslexia support
  • A powerful editor for writing and creating content:
    • Super simple Markdown-based formatting learnt in no time ...
    • ... with automatic, typography-friendly SmartyPants conversion
    • You can even create tables for data- and fact-based discussions!
  • Values security and privacy with such things as:
  • Complete HTML fall-back support for people who block JavaScript


To use the app on dotCloud:

  • dotCloud's CLI and a dotCloud account for deploying to their platform (see below)

To run it on your own computer:

  • Python 2.7
  • postgreSQL
  • All packages in requirements.txt
  • Firefox if you want to run the optional tests


Works on Ubuntu and the latest version of OS X.

At the moment, Windows 7/8 break during testing and dotCloud deployment. It is my intention to get Pony Forum working on Windows 7/8, but some of the required packages such as PIL (the imaging library) often break on the operating system.


Follow the installation instructions here.


(To be decided.)

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