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import requests
import pendulum
import json
import re
from argparse import ArgumentParser
class GetBuildSecretsException(Exception):
parser = ArgumentParser(description="Checks a CircleCI project for signs of vulnerable configuration in regards to fork behaviour and secrets")
parser.add_argument("-p", "--project", help="The repo/project to inspect, in the format of org/repo")
parser.add_argument("-c", "--circleci-token", help="The CircleCI API token for non public readable builds")
parser.add_argument("-g", "--github-token", help="The Github API token")
parser.add_argument("-i", "--ignore-users", help="Ignore specific Github users from the forked PR collection, comma separated")
parser.add_argument("-a", "--check-all", action="store_true", help="Go through all found CircleCI builds even if secret usage was already found")
parser.add_argument("-o", "--open-only", action="store_true", help="Only check currently open PRs")
parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbose", action="store_true", help="More output")
args = parser.parse_args()
if not args.project:
print('Must supply a project value')
project = args.project.split('/')[0]
repo = args.project.split('/')[1]
token = args.circleci_token
github_token = args.github_token
ignore_users = args.ignore_users
check_all_circleci_builds = args.check_all
open_only = args.open_only
verbose = args.verbose
print('Trying %s/%s...' % (project, repo))
# collect the 10 most recent PRs from forks for the Github repo
s_github = requests.session()
gh_headers = {}
if github_token:
gh_headers['Authorization'] = 'token %s' % (github_token)
page = 1
gh_prs = []
gh_pr_state = 'open' if open_only else 'all'
if open_only and verbose:
print('Collecting PRs that are open only')
while True:
if page > 20:
if verbose:
print('Stopping PR collection after checking 20 pages of PRs')
if verbose:
print("Getting page %s for %s/%s PRs..." % (page, project, repo))
res = s_github.get('' % (project, repo), headers=gh_headers, params={'page': page, 'state': gh_pr_state })
data = res.json()
if len(data) > 0:
for pr in data:
pr_user = pr['user']['login'] if 'user' in pr and 'login' in pr['user'] else ''
if pr_user and ignore_users and pr_user in ignore_users.split(','):
if verbose:
print('Ignoring PR from %s' % (pr_user))
if (
pr and 'head' in pr and pr['head'] and 'repo' in pr['head'] and pr['head']['repo'] and 'sha' in pr['head'] and
'fork' in pr['head']['repo'] and pr['head']['repo']['fork']
# if the PR author is publicly known as a privileged user for this repo, skip
if pr['author_association'] in ['OWNER', 'MEMBER']:
if verbose:
print('Ignoring PR %s, author "%s" is a %s' % (pr['number'], pr_user, pr['author_association']))
'sha': pr['head']['sha'],
'number': pr['number'],
'user': pr_user,
'created_at': pr['created_at'] if 'created_at' in pr else None,
'merged_at': pr['merged_at'] if 'merged_at' in pr else None
if verbose:
print('Found PR %s (commit %s) from fork %s' % (pr['number'], pr['head']['sha'], pr['head']['repo']['full_name']))
if len(gh_prs) >= 10:
if verbose:
print('Done collecting forked PRs')
if len(gh_prs) >= 10:
if verbose:
print('Done collecting forked PRs')
page += 1
if len(gh_prs) == 0:
print('%s/%s: No builds found which came from a forked PR - unable to determine whether this project is vulnerable' % (project, repo))
# collect the CircleCI build IDs from the Github statuses
if verbose:
print('Collecting CircleCI build ids associated with the forked PRs...')
forked_builds = []
forked_builds_user_map = {}
for pr in gh_prs:
res = s_github.get('' % (project, repo, pr['sha']), headers=gh_headers)
data = res.json()
if data and 'statuses' in data:
for status in data['statuses']:
if status and 'target_url' in status and status['target_url'] and '//' in status['target_url'].lower():
build_num_matches = re.match(r'https:\/\/circleci\.com\/gh\/[^\/]+\/[^\/]+\/(\d+)', status['target_url'].lower())
if build_num_matches:
build_num = int(
if build_num not in forked_builds:
pr_create_time = pendulum.parse(pr['created_at'])
pr_merge_time = pendulum.parse(pr['merged_at']) if 'merged_at' in pr and pr['merged_at'] else None
status_create_time = pendulum.parse(status['created_at']) if 'created_at' in status and status['created_at'] else None
# if the PR is merged, check the time of the CircleCI build to make sure it isn't aligned with the merge
if (
pr_merge_time and
status_create_time and
status_create_time > pr_create_time.add(hours=1) and
status_create_time > pr_merge_time or
status_create_time.add(hours=1) > pr_merge_time
if verbose:
print('Skipping CircleCI build %s as it appears to have run on merge and not PR creation' % (build_num))
if 'state' in status and status['state'] == 'pending':
if verbose:
print('Skipping CircleCI build %s due to being "pending" - try again soon for this build to be checked' % (build_num))
# record the PR user, accoding to Github, for this CircleCI build number, for later comparison
forked_builds_user_map[build_num] = pr['user']
if verbose:
print('Found CircleCI build %s from PR %s (commit %s)' % (build_num, pr['number'], pr['sha']))
'\tSeconds between PR %s creation and CircleCI job %s creation: %s' %
(pr['number'], build_num, status_create_time.int_timestamp - pr_create_time.int_timestamp)
if len(forked_builds) == 0:
print('%s/%s: No CircleCI statuses found - unlikely to be vulnerable' % (project, repo))
if verbose:
print('%s/%s has evidence of forked pull requests creating CircleCI builds' % (project, repo))
circleci_url = '' % (project, repo)
s_circle = requests.session()
# collect the relevant logs of the supplied build number and look for evidence of secrets being available
def get_build_secret_names(build_num):
if verbose:
print('Checking build %s...' % (build_num))
s3_file_url = ''
found_prepare_env_var_action = False
found_spin_up_env_action = False
params = {}
if token:
params['circle-token'] = token
r = s_circle.get('%s/%s' % (circleci_url, build_num), params=params)
build_details = r.json()
if 'user' in build_details and 'is_user' in build_details['user'] and build_details['user']['is_user'] and 'login' in build_details['user']:
if forked_builds_user_map[build_num] != build_details['user']['login']:
raise GetBuildSecretsException(
'PR user is not the same as build user (Github PR: %s, CircleCI build: %s - this could indicate a privileged user/bot ran the build' %
(forked_builds_user_map[build_num], build_details['user']['login'])
if 'branch' in build_details and build_details['branch'] and 'pull' not in build_details['branch'].lower():
raise GetBuildSecretsException('This build was not a pull request branch, possibly caused by a merge and not by opening a PR')
if 'steps' in build_details:
for job, step in enumerate(build_details['steps']):
if 'actions' in step and len(step['actions']) > 0:
for a, action in enumerate(step['actions']):
if 'name' in action and action['name'] and 'preparing environment variables' in action['name'].lower():
if verbose:
print('Found "Preparing Environment Variables" job')
found_prepare_env_var_action = True
if 'output_url' in action:
s3_file_url = action['output_url']
if s3_file_url:
if s3_file_url:
# try the legacy action if the current action with env vars wasn't found
if not found_prepare_env_var_action:
if verbose:
print('Did not find a "Preparing Environment Variables" job, trying for "Spin up Environment" ...')
for job, step in enumerate(build_details['steps']):
if 'actions' in step and len(step['actions']) > 0:
for a, action in enumerate(step['actions']):
if 'name' in action and action['name'] and 'spin up environment' in action['name'].lower():
if verbose:
print('Found "Spin up Environment" job')
found_spin_up_env_action = True
if 'output_url' in action:
s3_file_url = action['output_url']
if s3_file_url:
if s3_file_url:
if not found_prepare_env_var_action and not found_spin_up_env_action:
raise GetBuildSecretsException('%s/%s: Could not find an action showing environment variables used' % (project, repo))
if not s3_file_url:
raise GetBuildSecretsException('%s/%s: Failed to get S3 download URL for environment variable job output' % (project, repo))
if verbose:
print('Downloading job output for build %s ...' % (build_num))
s_s3 = requests.session()
dl = s_s3.get(s3_file_url)
output = json.loads(dl.content.decode())
message = output[0]['message'] if len(output) > 0 and 'message' in output[0] else ''
if not message:
raise GetBuildSecretsException('Job output download was empty')
message = message.replace('\\n', "\n").replace('\\r', "")
message_split = message.split('\n')
# we only care about env vars listed under "Using environment variables from project settings and/or contexts" that are not "CIRCLE_JOB"
if found_prepare_env_var_action:
index = message_split.index('Using environment variables from project settings and/or contexts:')
index = message_split.index('Using environment variables from project settings and/or contexts')
except Exception as e:
index = None
if not index:
raise GetBuildSecretsException(
'%s/%s: Could not find the "Using environment variables from project settings and/or contexts:" message in the job output' % (project, repo)
envvars = message_split[index:]
secrets = []
for envvar in envvars:
matches = re.match(r'([^ =]+)=\*\*REDACTED\*\*', envvar.strip())
if matches:
secret =
if verbose and secret:
print('Found reference to env var "%s"' % secret)
if secret and secret != 'CIRCLE_JOB':
return secrets
# go through the forked builds looking for usage of potentially sensitive secrets
first_try = False
secrets = []
for build_num in forked_builds:
secrets += get_build_secret_names(build_num)
except GetBuildSecretsException as e:
if verbose:
if len(secrets) > 0:
if forked_builds.index(build_num) == 0:
first_try = True
if not check_all_circleci_builds:
if len(secrets) == 0:
print('%s/%s: Forked PRs do run builds, but no references to non-default secrets were found' % (project, repo))
if first_try:
print('%s/%s: may be vulnerable!' % (project, repo))
print('%s/%s: an older forked PR build task was passed secrets, may be vulnerable!' % (project, repo))