The reincarnation of Now Reading Reloaded. A WordPress plugin to organize and advertise the books you read.
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Now Reading Redux

Contributors: ashodnakashian Donate link: Tags: wordpress, books, widget, amazon Requires at least: 2.7.0 Tested up to: 3.2.1 Stable tag: trunk

Allows you to track and share books you read, are reading and a wishlist of future books to read, with cover art fetched automatically from Amazon. Tracks and graphs reading statistics.


Now Reading Redux is a resurrection of the [Now Reading Reloaded project by Ben Gunnink] ( "Now Reading Reloaded") codebase, which was itself a fork/re-enlivening of Rob Miller's original Now Reading plugin. It was forked from Rob's code as of 4.4.4svn, in order to update its interface to work with Wordpress 2.7 and above.

With NRR, you can manage a library of your current books, as well as historical and planned books.

NRR depends on jQuery and assumes it already loaded by WP or your theme. Please use a sufficiently recent version, say 1.4 or newer, preferably the latest. The graph is generated using [TufteGraph] ( "TufteGraph") which depends on [Raphaël] ( "Raphaël"). All necessary files are included, no additional libraries necessary (beyond jQuery).

The home of Now Reading Redux is [] ( "Now Reading Redux"). You may find news and leave comments and requests there.

For issues and complaints and for development source code, please go to [] ( "Git repository").


Please backup your database before installing/upgrading. I try hard to make sure the releases are bug-free. However I can't perform extensive tests. If you find any bugs or have feature requests, please kindly report them at

  1. Upload now-reading-redux to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Optionally, make any changes to the provided template files and store them in your theme directory (see the "Template Files" section.)


  1. Just to be safe than sorry, backup your database.
  2. Deactivate any existing versions of now-reading or now-reading-reloaded.
  3. Install now-reading-redux as described below.
  4. Activate now-reading-redux.
  5. Your database will be updated and library restored as was previously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade from Now Reading or Now Reading Reloaded? How?

Please read the Upgrade section under Installation.

Where is the old changelog?

Please find the original Now Reading Relaoded readme with the changelog in the readme.old file.


  1. The book manager where all the books are visible, sorted by any of the columns, in both ascending and descending orders. Searching for -partial- book titles is supported. Author names are shortcuts to filter by that author only.

  2. The options page showing some of the new options available in Redux.

  3. The book search/add page is unchanged, but...

  4. The search results may return more editions than older versions of the plugin. Clicking "Use This Result" adds the book in question to the library.

  5. The library page showing statistics graph.

  6. The side-bar widget showing read, current and up-next books, link to the library and search box.


  • New feature: Reading statistics and graph shown in the library page by calling print_book_stats(). Uses TafteGraph/Raphaël.
  • Updated and included Suffusion NRR templates.

  • New option: Hides Added dates in Manager and Book Edit pages.
  • Authors and Statuses are linked to filter the books shown in the Manager.

  • New option: Controls the default number of books displayed. Primarily controls the sidebar book count.
  • The 'reading' and 'unread' lists are now shown in random order, the 'read' list is shown last read first.
  • 'View Full Library' is now hidden in the library page. Search button is centered.

  • New option: Set book visibility as private or public. Private books are not shown to anyone but the owner. Note: admins may be able to view them!
  • Templates updated to improve utility.

  • New option: Ignores time in timestamps, showing only dates.

  • Started and Finished timestamps are automatically set when changing the status from 'yet to read' to 'currently reading' and from 'currently reading' to 'finished', respectively, only when the user leaves these fields blank. NRR no longer overwrites the user's set values.

  • Added sorting support to the Book Manager table.

  • Initial import of Now Reading Reloaded
  • Added this README file and renamed the old one to readme.old.

Upgrade Notice

Please read the changelog for reasons to upgrade.