Interface with Higgs production cross section and branching ratio data in the CERN Yellow Report
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yellowhiggs provides an interface with Higgs production cross section and branching ratio data in the CERN Yellow Report:

Automatic Installation

Automatically install the latest version of yellowhiggs with pip:

pip install --user yellowhiggs

or with easy_install:

easy_install --user yellowhiggs

Omit the --user for a system-wide installation (requires root privileges).

To upgrade an existing installation use the -U option in the pip or easy_install commands above.

Manual Installation

Get the latest tarball on PyPI

Untar and install (replace X appropriately):

tar -zxvf yellowhiggs-X.tar.gz
cd yellowhiggs-X

To install yellowhiggs into your home directory if using at least Python 2.6:

python install --user

or with older Python versions:

python install --prefix=~/.local

You might need to first create the installation directory before executing the line above (for Python 2.4):

mkdir -p ~/.local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/


An example of how to use yellowhiggs:

>>> import yellowhiggs
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 130, 'vbf', 'bb')
(0.5689219999999999, (0.584851816, 0.555836794))
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 130, 'vbf', 'bb', error_type='percent')
(0.5689219999999999, (2.8, 2.3))
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 130, 'vbf', 'bb', error_type='factor')
(0.5689219999999999, (1.028, 0.977))
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 130, 'vbf', 'tautau')
(0.0632392, (0.0650098976, 0.06178469839999999))
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 125, 'ggf', 'gammagamma')
(0.0350599, (0.0418965805, 0.0297658551))
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 125, 'ggf', 'gammagamma', error='scale')
(0.0350599, (0.0391619083, 0.0323252278))
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 125, 'ggf', 'gammagamma', error='pdf')
(0.0350599, (0.0377945722, 0.0325005273))
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 125, 'ggf', 'gammagamma', error='full')
(0.0350599, (0.0418965805, 0.0297658551))
>>> yellowhiggs.xsbr(7, 125, 'ggf', 'gammagamma', error='pdf', error_type='percent')
(0.0350599, (7.8, 7.3))
>>> yellowhiggs.xs(7, 150, 'vbf')
(0.9617, (0.9895892999999999, 0.9405426))
>>> yellowhiggs.xs(7, 150, 'vbf', error_type='percent')
(0.9617, (2.9, 2.2))
>>>, 'tautau')
>>>, 'tautau')

Cross sections are returned in units of [pb].

  • xs returns the (central cross section, (high error, low error)) for a center-of-mass energy [TeV], Higgs mass [GeV], and production mode.
  • br returns the branching ratio for a Higgs mass [GeV] and decay channel.
  • xsbr returns the cross section times branching ratio for a center-of-mass energy [TeV], Higgs mass [GeV], production mode, and decay channel.