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0.4.2 for Linux and Mac (Fri Dec 2 2011):
Hylke: Fix crash trying to add a project
0.4.1 for Linux and Mac (Tue Nov 29 2011):
Hylke: Just some small tweaks and fixes:
- Bundle git with the Mac application
- Warn about potential global gitignore files
- Remove SmartIrc4Net
- Build system fixes
- Code cleanups
0.4.0 for Linux and Mac (Sun Nov 12 2011):
Hylke: It has been a while since the last release. Since so many
things changed, and it being (softly) incompatible with 0.2, I decided
to call it 0.4. Here are the most important improvements:
- Support OS X Lion
- Revamped "Add Hosted Project..." dialog
- First run tutorial
- Clicking notifications opens the event log
- Support for organisation/host plugins
- Adding empty folders now works
- More useful error reporting
- Progress bar on the initial sync, and a button to cancel
- Replace IRC by a custom protocol as the default notification system
- Many many fixes for crashes and bugs
- Nautilus 3.x plugin
- Bugfixes
0.2.5 for Linux and Mac (Mon Jul 25 2011):
Hylke: Reimplement notes to be less buggy and backend independent. Polish
about dialog and event log html. Fix a bug where large collections of files
weren't being synced when adding them at the same time. The event log now
collapses huge change sets and squashes events together by day when they
are on the same day and in the same folder. Add a controller per UI component
to make the Windows verion easier to implement.
0.2.4 for Linux and Mac (Wed Jun 29, 2011):
Hylke: Fix crash when setting up with an empty Git repository.
0.2.3 for Linux and Mac (Tue Jun 28, 2011):
Hylke: Add the ability to add notes in the event logs. Fix some quirks
in the webkit view on Linux. Redid gravatar fetching parts to be more
efficient. Remove headless feature. Fix some small bugs and crashes.
SparkleShare will now also try to use your existing SSH keypair. Required
Git version is now 1.7.1 or later.
0.2.2 for Linux and Mac (Tue Jun 14, 2011):
Hylke: Fix crash on first run when ~/.ssh doesn't exist. Sync algorithm
tweaks. New global event log. Ubuntu integration with libappindicator. Poll
sometimes even when using the notification service.
0.2.1 for Linux and Mac (Wed Jun 8, 2011):
Hylke: Fix bug where host names with a "-" in them weren't accepted. Fix
crash that happens when the user doesn't have their "Real Name" set in the
OS and a race condition connecting to the announcements server.
0.2 for Linux and Mac (Mon Jun 6, 2011):
Hylke: Removed the dependancy on GitSharp. File rename detection support
in the event logs. Fixed all crashes reported in RC1 and improved sync
algorithm. Redid collision detection and conflict resolving (use a copy
of each version). Improved about dialogs with version checking. Pluggable
backend (experimental Mercurial support). Added support for Growl to show
notifications on Mac.
0.2-rc1 for Linux and Mac (Sun Mar 20, 2011):
Hylke: A lot of fixes and optimisations across the backend. Less memory
usage, less crashes. Instant notifications of new changes instead of polling.
Refreshed event log HTML theme. Keeping logs in memory for faster reopening and
loads more goodness.
0.2-beta2 for Mac (Sat Feb 12, 2011):
Hylke: Mac version! Massive restructure of the code to an MVC-like model
to make building different front-ends easier. Ported the event logs to
Webkit, so users can style it to their liking. It also reduces the amount
of UI-porting that needs to be done between toolkits.
0.2-beta1 (Sun Sep 5, 2010):
Hylke: Aside from the usual bug fixes and behind the scenes work I mainly
added features that increase productivity in the event logs. Not only does
it look a lot prettier, each entry in an event log now has a clickable link
for easy access to files. It refreshes automatically on new events as well.
The Nautilus plugin now has the "Copy Web Link" context menu item, which
makes sharing links a whole lot easier.