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You can set the `$DEV_GEMS` environment variable to add extra gems to this list (semicolon separated list of gem names).
-If the `$GEM_DEV` environment variable is unset, this gem will have no effect.
-If the `$GEM_DEV` environment variable is set:
+The `$GEM_DEV` environment variable must be set in order for this gem to take effect.
## Loading local gems
-Bundler will search for local gems in the
+If the `$GEM_DEV` environment variable is set, Bundler will search for local gems in the
path specified by `$GEM_DEV_DIR`. (The default search path is `$HOME/code/gems`, if `$GEM_DEV_DIR` is unset.)
You can specify multiple directories by separating paths with a semicolon, e.g.

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