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Zocial button set with CSS. Entirely vector-based social buttons.
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Zocial CSS social buttons

I basically rewrote this entire set so they are full vector buttons, meaning:

  • @font-face icons
  • custom font file for all social icons
  • icon font use private unicode spaces for accessibility
  • em sizing based on button font-size
  • support for about 83 different services
  • buttons and icons supported
  • no raster images (sweet)
  • works splendidly on any browser supporting @font-face
  • CSS3 degrades gracefully in IE8 and below etc.
  • also includes generic icon-less primary and secondary buttons

How to use these buttons

<button class='zocial facebook'>Button label here</button>


<a class="zocial twitter'>Button label</a>
  • Can be any element e.g. a, div, button etc.
  • Add class of .zocial
  • Add class for name of service e.g. .dropbox, .twitter, .github
  • Done :-)

Check out for demo and code examples.

Problems, questions or requests to @smcllns

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