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Dictionary Order Sort

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Sorts an array of strings in the same manner as the Linux sort command running with the --dictionary-order option. Only blanks and alphanumeric characters are considered.

I created this gem because I needed to use the comm command in a Capistrano recipe, and wanted to sort the list of files in Ruby. comm requires the input files to be sorted using the collating sequence specified by `LC_COLLATE', and this defaults to dictionary sort.


Add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'dictionary_order_sort'


You can now use the dict_sort method on arrays or sets. Array elements must be strings, or respond to to_s.

Use it like this:

["a", "a-2", "_a-3", "abc_", "_def_"].dict_sort

#=> ["a", "a-2", "_a-3", "abc_", "_def_"]
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