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# Use this file to easily define all of your cron jobs.
# Learn more:
# Install this crontab with: whenever -f schedule.rb -w
# 'Git index' jobs require SCM Breeze:
job_type :git_index, "git_index --:task"
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Rebuild SCM Breeze index
every 1.minute do
git_index "rebuild"
every 10.minutes do
# Update dotfiles
# - Set up new symlinks
# - Update generated bashrc, git config, etc.
# - Update this cron task
command <<-CMD.gsub(/\s{2,}/, ' ').strip
ensure_gem whenever && whenever -f schedule.rb -i)
every 30.minutes do
# Fetch all remotes for indexed git repos, and fast-forward if possible
# Send notifications using notify-send
git_index "update-all-with-notifications"
# Update Travis CI build statuses for current branch of indexed git repos
git_index "batch-cmd update_travis_ci_status"
every 10.minutes do
command "refresh_zpint_hosts"
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