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h1. Flat Control Panel
-Little sinatra app that handles my flat.
+Sinatra app and daemons to handle flat automation.
+h3. Unlock front door, turn on lights, turn on fan via:
+** RFID card (Octopus)
+** Web interface
+** iPhone app that uses web API
+h3. Triggers actions when the front door is unlocked.
+* When it's daytime, check whether XBMC is currently playing music or video. If not, start playing a Last.FM station.
+* When it's nighttime, turn on the hall light automatically for 15 minutes so I don't stumble around in the dark.
+h3. Tells me whether or not to take an umbrella to work.
+* Periodically checks for the day's weather. If its going to rain, it switches on some lights in a bucket outside that holds our umbrellas.

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