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Geany Plugins 0.21.1 (2011-10-30)
* Add geanylatex/doc/ to autotools build system
Geany-Plugins 0.21 (2011-10-23)
* Renew autotools build system
* Add new plugin Debugger
* Add new plugin Devhelp
* Add new plugin GeanyPG
* Add new plugin GeanyMacro
* Add new plugin GeanyNumberedBookmarks
* Add new plugin Tableconvert
* Add new plugin XMLSnippets
* DocList addon: Add preference to define the order of the documents
in the list (#3204573)
* Tasks addon: Activate and update the task list when the Tasks
addon is enabled
* Moved LaTeX-menu to a separate menu inside Geany main menu
* Added a feature to autocapetlise letters on typing on begin of a
* Added a way to put a icon for \LaTeX{}-wizard into Geany's main
* Added a dialog for inserting BibTeX references based on available
* Upgrade plugin API to version 199
* Ensure not to insert {} after \^ and \_
* Added a keystroke to toggle inserting {} after ^ and _
* Fixed an issue with wrong inserted formating using a keybinding
* Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
* Various bugfixes and memory leak fixes.
* Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
* Some minore cleaning up of code
* Fix for an issue with replacing of command string in case of %r
has not being used
* Don't double free a variable which might ended up inside a segmentation
fault when using plugin function more than once.
* Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
* Some smaller fixes for compiler warnings and memory leaks
* Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
Spell Check:
* Reduce artifacts on partially checked words
* Improve 'Check as you type' feature, make it more reliably
* Adding new plugin, helping on converting tabulator separated
list into table supporting LaTeX, HTML and SQL so far.
* Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
* Fix an issue with init threads for older GTK/glib versions by
updating to Geany API version 203.
* Small update to enable i18n also on Geany >= 0.21
* Fix a typo inside waf-build system
* Fix creation of configuration directory in some cases.
* Fix missing update of navigation buttons on anchor links.
* Fix thread initialization problem.
* Fix some issues with keybingins on secondary windows.
* Add a keybinding to show/hide web view's window (bug #3156262).
* Allow for better configuration of secondary windows.
* Update translations: de, pt, ru, tr
Geany-Plugins 0.20 (2011-01-10)
* Update of Waf build system.
* Add new plugin UpdateChecker.
* Add new plugin WebHelper.
* Respect 'Smart' home key (Geany does now).
* Fixed Scintilla Shift+movement key convertion of rectangle selection.
* Virtual spaces support.
* Per-file column mode.
* Added "Set Anchor", "Select to Anchor" and "Rectangle Select to Anchor".
* Bump dependency on CTPL to 0.3.
* Add a popup menu for common actions in the documentation type selector.
* Fix indentation of inserted documentation blocs.
* Documentation type now defaults to Doxygen (rather than nothing).
* Add policy PASS to completely ignore a symbol.
* Add basic rules for PHP.
* Fix build against GTK+ 2.16.
* Don't copy the system configuration file to the user's one when hitting
"Edit Current Language Configuration", only write it when saving changes.
* Thin selection support.
* Move LaTeX-menu to a separate menu inside Geany main menu.
* Add a feature to auto-capitalize letters on typing on begin of a sentence.
* Add a way to put an icon for LaTeX-wizard into Geany’s main toolbar.
* Added a dialog for inserting BibTeX references based on available *.bib-files.
* Minor code cleanup.
* Added bookmarks support.
* Added keybindings support.
* Added mime type icons in the tree.
* Many bugfixes and code improvements.
* Update translations: de, es, ja, pt, tr
Geany-Plugins 0.19 (June 13, 2010)
* Add new plugin CodeNav.
* Add new plugin GeanyExtraSel.
* Add new plugin GeanyGenDoc.
* Add new plugin GeanyInsertNum.
* Add new plugin Pretty-Printer.
* Add new plugin TreeBrowser.
* Allow hitting return to close email address dialog and proceed.
* Bugfix: Should compile on BSD again.
* Bugfix: Now loads files which have a space in path.
* Bugfix: Fixed an issue, where some localizations may caused a crash.
* Bugfix: Run gdb with LANG=C to avoid locale-related clashes when
parsing the gdb output for the localized version break- and watchpoints.
* Bugfix: Improve the way a running process gets killed.
* Bugfix: Fix the general geany slowness that geanygdb causes once a
binary is loaded.
* Usability: Fixed confusing naming issues. This plugin is now
consistently called GeanyGDB, the Unix name is geanygdb (lowercase).
* Usability: add a menu entry to the Geany menubar.
* Usability: add the possibilty to set keyboard shortcuts.
* Added a page to the info area at the bottom of Geany, which will be
used to display the stack and local variables or watches in future.
* API: Update GeanyGDB to use current API interface of Geany, to be
compatible with current Geany versions.
* Introduced custom templates for LaTeX-Wizard.
* Added a LaTeX-Wizard icon to the toolbar.
* Added shortcuts for inserting common list environments like
enumerate, itemize and description.
* Some general bugfixes and improvements. As always, see the
ChangeLog or svn log.
* Switched to waf for building the plugin (stand alone version only).
* Moved some LaTeX-specific stuff out of Geany’s core into the plugin.
This affects features like.
* Autocompletion of \end{} and \endgroup{}.
* Proceeded to Geany Plugin API v184.
* Made reference insertion configurable.
* Added an function to insert \usepackage{} into header of file.
* Automatic adding of {} after typing of and ˆ.
* Added automatic inserting of {} after typing a command and hitting
return in case of none pair is already present.
* Add new addon 'Strip trailing blank lines' by Eugene Arshinov.
* Add new addon 'XML Taggging' by Frank Lanitz.
* Add new addon 'Mark Word'.
* Add new addon 'Bookmark List'.
* Rework the 'Tasks' addon to be more flexible and faster.
Spell Check:
* Add an option to make the editor menu items for Spelling Suggestions
* Minor bug fixes.
* Some minor code cleanups.
* Bugfix: Fix an error, when the language for spellchecking inside
commit dialog is not set properly.
* New translations: gl, zh_CN.
* Updated translations: de, ja, pt, pt_BR, tr.
Geany-Plugins 0.18 (October 28, 2009)
* Added new plugins GeanyDoc and GeanyPrj.
* Minor fixes.
Spell Check:
* Allow setting custom dictionary directories if
Enchant >= 1.5.0 is used.
* Update to most recent version including an entry to editor menu
and a check/uncheck all function on commit dialog.
* New translations: ca, ja, pt_BR.
* Updated translations: de, es, pt_BR, pt, tr.
Geany-Plugins 0.17.1 (July 21, 2009)
* Avoid using GHashTable functions from newer GLib versions to fix
compilation with GLib 2.8.
* Updated translations.
* Correct typo: COMMON_LIBS => COMMONLIBS.
* Move ttyhelper to $libexecdir/geany-plugins/geanygdb.
* GeanyLua: Fix showing system script menu items.
* Addons: Fix crashes when quitting Geany from the system tray icon.
* GeanyLaTeX: Fix toolbar issue.
Geany-Plugins 0.17 (July 14, 2009)
* First release.