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You can use Waf ( to build
the Geany plugins in this repository.
./waf configure
./waf build
./waf install
This will configure, build and install most of the available plugins.
To exclude some plugins, ./waf configure accepts the option "--enable-plugins"
which takes a comma-separated list of plugins to compile, e.g.
./waf configure --enable-plugins=geanysendmail,spellcheck
Similarly you can also disable certain plugins from the list with
./waf configure --skip-plugins=geanydoc,geanyvc
To update the language catalogues of plugins with enabled I18n support, run:
./waf updatepo
For more configure options, run
./waf configure --help
For convenience, running './waf configure' will create a simple Makefile
as a wrapper for './waf [options]'.
Currently, the following make targets are available:
make all
make install
make uninstall
make update-po
make clean