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Color Schemes for Geany

IMPORTANT: These themes are only for Geany's master development branch! If you are using Geany 0.20, use the geany-themes 0.20 branch, if you are using Geany 0.21, use the geany-themes 0.21 branch.

These are some color schemes for the Geany IDE converted from other editors' color schemes and some created by the Geany community.

Note: Please don't report any bugs on the Geany tracker for issues with these color schemes. Instead use the Issues Tracker for the geany-themes repository.

Installation Instructions:

$ cd /home/you/some/place
$ git clone git://
$ mv /home/you/.config/geany/colorschemes{,-backup}
$ ln -s /home/you/some/place/geany-themes /home/you/.config/geany/colorschemes 

Now restart Geany and you should see the color schemes under the View->Editor->Color Schemes menu.

Keeping up to Date:

$ cd ~/.config/geany/colorschemes
$ git pull origin master

Now restart Geany and you should see the updated color schemes.


Feel free to send any Pull Requests on Github if you fix or improve existing schemes or create a new one.

Try to make sure you test your scheme running geany -v and make sure there's no related warning.