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Fix for new (old) repository location

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Matthew Brush codebrainz authored
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@@ -5,16 +5,17 @@ These are some color schemes for the [Geany IDE]( converted fro
schemes and some created by the Geany community.
__Note:__ Please don't report any bugs on the Geany tracker for issues with these color schemes. Instead use the
-[Issues Tracker]( for the
-[colorschemes]( repository.
+[Issues Tracker]( for the
+[geany-themes]( repository.
Installation Instructions:
-$ cd ~/.config/geany/
-$ mv colorschemes{,-backup}
-$ git clone git://
+$ cd /home/you/some/place
+$ git clone git://
+$ mv /home/you/.config/geany/colorschemes{,-backup}
+$ ln -s /home/you/some/place/geany-themes /home/you/.config/geany/colorschemes
Now restart Geany and you should see the color schemes under the View->Editor->Color Schemes menu.
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