Update to heroku-buildpack-ruby v50 #1

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DouweM commented Feb 5, 2013

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schneems and others added some commits Oct 29, 2012
@schneems schneems fix typo in comments 01f1998
@schneems schneems Merge pull request #45 from schneems/schneems/typo
fix typo in comments
@catsby catsby Update README.md
Use https for github urls
@hone hone Merge pull request #46 from ctshryock/master
Use https in buildpack urls
@hone hone ruby 2.0.0 doesn't need a build ruby accd548
@hone hone update changelog 56345f9
@hone hone update to Bundler 1.2.2 4c97ef4
@hone hone update changelog d51b081
@hone hone upgrade to bundler 1.3.0.pre.2 77d76b2
@hone hone update changelog 9d9da01
@hone hone update the buildpack version :( 81835ba
@hone hone update changelog 8fecbd8
@hone hone bump version to v44 b075d5d
@hone hone enable invoke dynamic on JRuby by default
@headius told me that the only known issues are when jruby is being
called directly from java and in a container. Seeing we aren't doing
that, we can enable this.
@hone hone remove setting config vars in release 23b0646
@hone hone bump to v45 8e2d331
@hone hone update changelog 686be88
@hone hone override $GEM_PATH in .profile.d/ruby.sh
we need to be able to change $PATH and $GEM_PATH to be able to let users
change rubies seamlessly on the same app.
@hone hone update changelog f659a40
@hone hone install bundler binstubs into a different dir
This fixes #52.
@hone hone symlink bundler binstubs in bin/ for backwards compatability
will not override bins that already exist here since they be put there
by the user
@hone hone rbx2 doesn't need a build ruby f8b18c8
@hone hone ruby naming scheme doesn't start with ruby engine e9c0f1c
@hone hone bump to v46 1749a0f
@wuputah wuputah Rails3.use?: use String#include? instead of =~
closes #53
@hone hone fix building ruby-build rubies b2cd9df
@hone hone update to bundler 1.3.0.pre.5 5dbf4c0
@hone hone update changelog 9e82cda
@cjolly cjolly print warning when removing windows generated Gemfile.lock 29a896d
@hone hone bump to v47 dfffb48
@hone hone display the ruby version change to the user ba1f811
@hone hone update changelog 924df79
@hone hone Merge pull request #62 from cjolly/cjolly-log-windows-gemfile-lock-re…

print warning when removing Gemfile.lock generated on windows
@hone hone Merge pull request #54 from heroku/rails3-detect-file-encoding
Rails3.use?: use String#include? instead of =~
@hone hone temporarily disable deploys due to rubygems.org compromise 066d4a1
@hone hone Merge branch 'disable_deploy'
@hone hone update error message to link to status 4531e5a
@hone hone update copy d9c61d4
@hone hone update changelog 5bbfb24
@hone hone v48 58ce8b8
@hone hone use bundle install local e69301b
@hone hone add error messaging when can't deploy due to gems not being in the cache dfd66de
@hone hone need ruby_version_cache to exist before reading it c46e0f9
@hone hone update the changelog 3bcd325
@hone hone v49 0616ff6
@hone hone Revert "use bundle install local"
This reverts commit e69301b.
@hone hone Revert "add error messaging when can't deploy due to gems not being i…
…n the cache"

This reverts commit dfd66de.
@hone hone update changelog d837af2
@hone hone v50 5240491
@hone hone remove DisableDeploys from the detect list 32a84d8
@DouweM DouweM Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-rub…
…y into update

Great, thanks!

@ndbroadbent ndbroadbent merged commit ed1db34 into ndbroadbent:master Feb 6, 2013
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