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Added README, added ldid binary because I couldnt find a link anywhere

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+QuickScrollPlus - an extension of QuickScroll2 by KennyTM~, by Nathan Broadbent (
+= NOTE: This is under development, but has not been started yet. I just decided to write the README first :)
+This is a fork of QuickScroll2, including bug fixes and 'tilt' scrolling. Will be tested and working iOS 4.1, lower versions are unsupported until they can be tested by someone else.
+See here for the original project wiki:
+Please note: This application will only work on a jailbroken iPhone.
+= Application Usage
+To use the tilt scrolling feature:
+1) Position your iPhone at a comfortable reading angle, and then tilt it a few degrees away from you. This will be the zero calibration point.
+2) Activate the scrollbars with your prefered method.
+3) Double tap either the horizontal or vertical scroll bars. They will turn green to indicate that tilt scrolling is now enabled.
+4) Tilt your iPhone back towards you, and the page will start to scroll. You can control or reverse the speed by adjusting the tilt angle.
+5) To turn off the tilt scroll feature, double tap the scroll bars again.
+= Compiling and installing from source
+=== In order to compile and install this application, you must have the following files on your Mac:
+* iOS 4.1 SDK or higher (including iPhone 3.2 SDK)
+** Sign up for a free apple developer account to download.
+* networkpx repository (the original QuickScroll2 source code, and other required files) - check it out in a neighboring directory
+** $ svn checkout networkpx-read-only
+* iPhone Private Frameworks repository - also check these out in a neighboring directory
+** $ git clone git://
+** # You must then copy IOSurfaceAPI.h from your system into ./include/IOSurface (we can't distribute this file, as per the Apple license)
+** $ cd iphone-private-frameworks && cp /System/Library/Frameworks/IOSurface.framework/Headers/IOSurfaceAPI.h include/IOSurface/
+* ldid in /usr/local/bin/
+** It was a bit tricky to find, so I've included it in the repository. Run the following from the repo directory:
+*** $ sudo cp ldid /usr/local/bin/ && sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/ldid
+- See here for the original wiki that these requirements are based on:
+=== Modify the paths in ./src/Makefile if necessary.
+=== Compile and package
+$ ./
+=== SSH and install on iPhone
+$ scp hk.ndb.quickscrollplus-0.3-1a.deb root@{{iPhone IP}}:/tmp
+$ ssh root@{{iPhone IP}}
+$ cd /tmp && dpkg -i hk.ndb.quickscrollplus-0.3-1a.deb
+- Reboot your iPhone, and your done!
BIN ldid
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