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Tweaked formatting in 'uninstall' section

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@@ -276,14 +276,17 @@ git clone git:// ~/.scm_breeze
source ~/.bashrc # or source ~/.zshrc
-(The install script simply appends the following line to your `.bashrc` or `.zshrc`):
+The install script just adds the following line to your `.bashrc` or `.zshrc`:
`[ -s "$HOME/.scm_breeze/" ] && source "$HOME/.scm_breeze/"`
# Uninstall
-(The install script simply remove the add line from your `.bashrc` or `.zshrc`):
+The uninstall script removes the following line from your `.bashrc` or `.zshrc`:
`[ -s "$HOME/.scm_breeze/" ] && source "$HOME/.scm_breeze/"`
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