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Conditional git branch aliases definition

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1 parent adedf86 commit d9351f82c4de94bcc5da28d5a97add9b4803d404 @grota grota committed Mar 12, 2013
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  1. +6 −6 lib/git/
12 lib/git/
@@ -39,16 +39,16 @@ EOF
-alias "$git_branch_alias"="exec_scmb_expand_args _scmb_git_branch_shortcuts"
-alias "$git_branch_all_alias"="exec_scmb_expand_args _scmb_git_branch_shortcuts -a"
-alias "$git_branch_move_alias"="exec_scmb_expand_args _scmb_git_branch_shortcuts -m"
-alias "$git_branch_delete_alias"="exec_scmb_expand_args _scmb_git_branch_shortcuts -d"
-alias "$git_branch_delete_force_alias"="exec_scmb_expand_args _scmb_git_branch_shortcuts -D"
+__git_alias "$git_branch_alias" "_scmb_git_branch_shortcuts"
+__git_alias "$git_branch_all_alias" "_scmb_git_branch_shortcuts" "-a"
+__git_alias "$git_branch_move_alias" "_scmb_git_branch_shortcuts" "-m"
+__git_alias "$git_branch_delete_alias" "_scmb_git_branch_shortcuts" "-d"
+__git_alias "$git_branch_delete_force_alias" "_scmb_git_branch_shortcuts" "-D"
# Define completions for git branch shortcuts
if [ "$shell" = "bash" ]; then
for alias_str in $git_branch_alias $git_branch_all_alias $git_branch_move_alias $git_branch_delete_alias; do
__define_git_completion $alias_str branch
complete -o default -o nospace -F _git_"$alias_str"_shortcut $alias_str

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