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Shell.fm info on a DSP-420 LCD display

This is a ruby script that displays the current artist, title and remaining time
on a DSP-420 LCD display (RS232 LCD display found on POS systems).
It uses threads to manage scrolling and to fake a count-down of the remaining time
between shell.fm refreshes. It updates the display with any changes every 0.1 seconds.


  • Ruby
  • shell.fm running with the network service enabled
  • DSP-420 LCD display (via RS232)


On its own, this script probably isn’t worth anything to anybody..
It’s also not very modular (ie, it was written quickly with a single purpose in mind),
but I am putting it on github simply because it could be used as a starting point
for any kind of shell.fm display, or anyone that wants to use a DSP-420 LCD display on Linux.

DSP-420 Notes

My DSP-420 was the 5V model, so I hacked a USB → Serial Adapter to supply 5v to the display from the USB port.
I can then power and run the DSP-420 entirely from a single USB port. (It usually requires an external 5V/9V DC power supply.)